Tuesday, 5 April 2005

How to GAAAAA! in Style: An Expert Guide

The Visitor likes to make fun of the expressions I use in my posts.

For instance, he keeps going 'GAAAAA!' at me in the wrong tone, sounding more like a half-dead chicken's mating call than a cry of exasperation/shock/desperation (which is what it's SUPPOSED to be).

You're supposed to go 'G-AAAAAA!'. with emphasis on the 'G' in front, and then an extended 'AAAAA' in the end which ends with a high 'AA!'

The Visitor goes 'Gaa-A-a..', starting with a low 'G' and goes up one tone and then goes DOWN again. It sounds.... wrong. Something like a foreigner trying out the Malaysian 'Lah'.

anyway, in case anyone was wondering where I got that expression from, it's from Dilbert. Yup, that popular office-based comic strip by Scott Adams. His characters use 'GAA!' or 'GAH!' when they are surprised, or exasperated.

Another expression I picked up from comic strips is 'Ebeh...'. I got it from User Friendly, and it's used when you are feeling sickly, disgusted, or just got squashed by a falling satellite dish.

The other day I was playing pool, and one time my opponent potted the cue ball, and I went 'OLE!'. After that, I used that expression everytime he fouled. I don't know why. It just stuck in my head, and I couldn't get it out. But it was fun because it irritated my opponent to no end.

I think I caught the 'Ole' bug from downloading and watching that Nike commercial where Brazil and Portugal players were playing around in the tunnel before a match. It's hilarious, and the sarcastic way Luis Figo said 'Ole' to Ronaldo after nutmeg-ing (that's putting the ball through the other guy's legs, for all non-footy fans) Ronaldo just stuck in my head that day. Sigh...

Other expressions I like to use when I'm writing that I've picked up here and there are:

A laugh used to express superiority, one-up-ability, or extreme moronism. I picked this up after playing Final Fantasy VII for two weeks non-stop.

Yer Gods!
Picked up from Terry Pratchett's Discworld books. The Ankh-Morpork Police Commander-in-chief Samuel Vimes says this a lot. Used this when you wanna express disbelief at something, or at a very lame joke.

Another one I picked up from Dilbert (or more specifically, Dogbert), though I know it's been used elsewhere as well. Used to express scorn, and best used when accompanied by a hand waving dismissively at the person the 'Pah!' is directed to.

Used to show the action of spitting. Best used with a 'Pah!'.

Good Grief!
Picked up from Peanuts. Best used when you wanna swear but can't use a stronger word for fear of offending your mother-in-law.

Picked up from Gila-Gila. Used to show that one is vomiting. For best effect, use it with 'Pah' and 'Ptui', as in 'PAH! PTUI! UWEK!' to show that you are REALLY REALLY disgusted at something. Or that you are just plain rude.

Used to express elation, awe or extreme happiness. Can't quite remember where I picked this up from, but one of my favorite uses of this expression was after I watched The Scorpion King, and the only thing good about it was Kelly 'WOO-HU!'.

Picked this up from South Park, or more specificaly, Eric Cartman. Used when someone is talking bad or teasing you, and you wanna show that you're irritated. When using it, do it with your eyes squinted shut and mouth turned down. Can be used with any number of assorted insults/retorts.

Will add more if I think of more later. :-)

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