Thursday, 7 April 2005

My Graphic Novel Unaddiction

It's been a while since my last book review. Which goes to show how many books I've finished these last two months. Heck, I haven't even updated my Books I Am Reading Now list, because quite frankly, I haven't finished either one, and I haven't started any new ones either.

What I HAVE read thus far is a couple of graphic novels that a colleague lent me, and a couple more I bought recently; all of which involves a certain pointy-eared hero who doesn't talk much, but is terribly good at fighting (No, not Orlando 'Nancing-Elf' Bloom) - Orang Kelawar, a.k.a. Batman.

I shall not do a proper book review here, mainly because I'm too lazy to think of silly things to say in those categories I made up myself. I just wanna talk about comics, and graphic novels I have read in particular.

For one, I think graphic novels (for simplicity's sake and so I don't have to waste time typing it over and over again, lets' just call them GNs, shall we?) are incredibly expensive things. Some may cost around RM30-40 while others can go up to almost RM100 or more.

It's ridiculous, I tell you.

True, books are not that cheap either, but GNs are particularly costly to me, especially when you take into account how quickly you can finish on GN as opposed to how long it takes to finish a book (unless you're Erna of course, who finished six books in one weekend. What a waste. More on this next time).

And you can't get good GNs at PayLess either. The chances of you finding a first edition Rushdie or Asimov at a second-hand bookstore would actually be a lot higher than your chances of finding a SINGLE good GN.

Anyway, I only recently started buying GNs, starting out with DC Comics' Kingdom Come trade-paperback. the art was superb, the story was great, and it cost me... er.. RM65.


The only other GNs I have on my bookshelves are some Transformers trade-paperbacks, and the second volume of Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (which was a waste of money, IMHO).

Nevertheless, the best ones I have so far has got to be the two Batman: Hush I have. I bought volume one in that pathetic MPH warehouse sale a while ago, and I only just bought and read the second one two weeks ago. Now THESE I don't regret buying.

Batman: Hush not only convinced me finally that Batman RULES (I'd previously wondered what the big deal was about Western comic superheroes), but also made me wish for more of the same. Fortunately for me (and my wallet), the Batman:Hush series ended long time ago. Whew.

Anyway, that's about the only GNs I've read so far. I'm not much of a Western comic person you see. I'm currently struggling through the Batman & Dracula series, which frankly did not captivate me as much as Hush did.

I've been recommended several other GNs as well, and one I really want (and according to some people, SHOULD) to get down to reading is Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. But no money to buy. Sigh...

Have also bee flirting with the idea of buying Frank Miller's Sin City series, because the movie hype has pique my curiousity. But when I decided to buy them, the first book in the series had sold out at Kinokuniya. Oh well...

However, I still think GNs cost too much, and so, until I strike the lottery or take over my company, I think I shall stick to haunting PayLess and buying books instead...

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