Tuesday, 12 April 2005

The Shanghai Experience: The Good, The Bad, and The Plain Weird

Just got back from Shanghai last night, and boy am I tired. And I only had two beers on the plane. Darn it.

Anyway, I've now got tons of deadlines to meet as a result of my mucking around Shanghai, so I'll keep this short. Heck, I'll use point form to explain what Shanghai was like.

The Good:

  • Well, the weather wasn't hot...

The Bad:

  • I underestimated the coldness of the weather in Shanghai (even though I checked CNN first), and decided not to bring a warm jacket. The wind and rain was so cold that my ear almost fell off.
  • Lots of spitting going around. Spit missiles were flying left right and centre, and one nearly hit my shoes. EWWWWW.
  • Lot's of shouting everywhere too. And fighting, literally. I saw a guy picking a fight with another guy just because he didn't like the tone the other guy used. And this happened more than once.
  • Lots of rude shopkeepers with ZERO manners and ZERO sense of service. It got so bad that the first POLITE shopkeeper we ran into, we took pictures of her.

and the Plain Weird

  • Why use steel fences, plastic barriers and ribbons when you can use human beings? At the press conference I went to, instead of the usual barricades, the organisers had rows of er... policemen (I think) just standing in a row in front of the stage (or wherever they did not want people to go into). And to avoid blocking the view of the stage, they sat cross-legged (in a row) in front of the stage. Words can't describe how strange this was. I'll post a photo later. :-)

Update: Here's the picture of the guards sitting in front of the stage. :-)

  • Glasses Monopolized. More on this in pictures later. :-)

(Update: And here's what I'm talking about)

The Chinese words actually mean 'Glasses Specialists', but obviously someone checked a dictionary...

I also saw this er... 'sexy' billboard in the city.

That has got to be the most er... naked Ginseng root I have ever seen. :)

Well. that's about it. That pretty much sums up my trip. :-) Regular blog transmission resumes in the next post. :-)

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