Thursday, 21 April 2005

The Sweet Sounds of Renovation

Ahhhhhh. a long weekend. Seems like ages since I've had a nice long weekend to do whatevre I want without worrying about a story to hand in. But then again, I DO have a story to hand in, but that can wait. For now, lemme just enjoy my nice quiet time alone.

Now, if I can only get rid of that bloody construction workers next door.

I woke up this morning to the sweet somunds of jackhammers and hammers pounding on the wall next door. So it was that the first word I uttered on this supposedly lazy and quiet holiday was the bloody 'F' word.

You see, someone new is moving in next door, and just like the oh, two other former neighbors who decided to move in next door, the new tenants thought it would be nice to entertain the neighbors with the greatest hits from the "Sounds of Renovation" album, performed by the Illegal Indonesian Construction Crew Band.

Dammit. There goes my plan to sit at home and read all day (and not spend a single sen in the process). Looks like I'll have to haul my butt out of the house just to get some peace and quiet.

I'm bringing my books out (no laptop to surf Internet, because the fan died on me. Dammit), and heading to KLCC (and maybe later, 1 Utama) to lepak in my favorite coffee joint, San Francisco Coffee, and maybe drop by Kinokuniya and MPH 1U at the same time.

Ah... the pleasures of a long weekend.

Crap, the jackhammers have started again.

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