Friday, 8 April 2005

*Yawn* Gah.

Gah, it's too early.
Need more Nescafe.
Nestum oatmeal sucks.

Anyway. yesterday was a slightly more 'bookish' day than usual. Visited Daphne's house to see her baby daughter I-Shan (I refused to hold I-Shan, because I have a tendency to drop things...) and went for a 'tour' of her family's book and CD collection.

While the book shelves were just about as full as mine (though with a waaaay more diversed selection. Mine are mostly fantasy), my own measly little CD collection is NOWHERE near theirs...

Which reminds me, I need to sort out my bookshelves too... hmmm...

After Daphne's house, I popped by PayLess in Ampang Point and grabbed two cheap Pratchetts books (hard to believe, but there ARE Pratchetts that I still don't own) - Only You Can Save The World (a non-Discworld book), and The Light Fantastic (the second Discworld book, I'd read this somewhere and never bothered buying it).

Pretty good book day, I should say. Now, back to work, back to work.

Gah, it's too early.


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