Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Away for Kimchi (Even though I can't stand the stuff)

I know I shoul be working. I have a deadline, and I can't seem to catch it. I just can't seem to get going today. I've fidgeting around all day, waiting for the time to go by, and I can't get any work done.


Because I'll be going to Seoul in 10 hours time! Woohoo!

Yup, I'll be going to the capital of kimchi for work, and will only be back in six days time. In the meantime, I'm not sure if this blog will be updated, so as usual, seeya! :)

PS: Maybe I'll watch Star Wars there again. Should be interesting to learn how to say 'Sith' and 'Jedi' in Korean.

PSS. Dammit. I went and talked about Star Wars again. Oh well, while I'm at it, go check out this post by The Visitor: Top 10 Cool Ways To Use "Sith" In A Sentence.

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