Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Back into a Noisy World

The world is a bloody noisy place.

I finally got my ears cleared this morning by a specialist. And now I have a headache.

You see, after spending almost a week in perpetual silence, I'd gotten a little used to not being able to hear most of the sounds around me.

Although not being able to hear what people were saying frustrated me to no end, I WAS also blissfully thankful that the earwax also blocked out the sounds of traffic, jackhammers and aircons and irritating ringtones all around me.

As soon as the doctor cleared my ears this morning, however, all those sounds came jarring back into my eardrums. And what a pain it was.

Sure, it's really great to be able to hear again, but because of my week-long exile in silence, I think the shock of being able to hear every single thing around me is a little unnerving.
The first sound I heard was the churning of the suction machine the doctor was using. And I began noticing other sounds which sounded more acute than ever. I was assaulted left right center by noises and sounds that I never even KNEW existed. Things like the clacking of keyboards, squeaking of toddlers' shoes, handphone rings, even the sounds of people talking sounded EXTRA loud to me. I could pinpoint sounds that irritated me very clearly, and half the time I wish I could filter them out.

I almost regretted being able to hear again. ALMOST.

But for every sound I hated, there were those I was thankful to be able to hear again. Like the songs playing on my stereo. People's voices over the phone. And the 'Ding' of the office elevator (you don't know how many elevators I've missed this week because I couldn't hear the 'Ding').

But in end, heck, who's complaining? I can hear again! I can hear again! YAY!

PS: Oh, and you REALLY wouldn't wanna know how much built up wax was in my ear... HEHE...

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