Tuesday, 3 May 2005

A Bookish Birthday in the Lion City

Greetings from Singapore!

Am enjoying a lazy holiday here, doing nothing but walk around aimlessly. Ahhh.

Yesterday was my birthday! Yay! And I celebrated it the usual way - sitting around doing nothing and sleeping. :) THAT'S the best way to celebrate a birthday, I say. :)

Oh, and wadya know, when I visited a Times bookstore here yesterday, I found out that they were having Times Warehouse Sale HERE as well! Woohoo! So off I went yesterday to check it out.

To my surprise, I found that the sale at the Singapore Expo here had some very similar titles to the one in Malaysia, so I didn't really buy much. Plus the prices weren't as appealing as the one in PJ, especilaly once you convert the currency. They had books going for SD4, and "SD10 for 3", which would still come to about RM25 for three books. In PJ, it was RM8 for a paperback, and if three, that would be RM18... Oh well..

Anyway, since I'd already bought too many book in the sale in KL (AND I'm NOT gonna lug all those books back in my little luggage bag!), I only grabbed one book this time - Terry Pratchett's The Last Hero, for only SD6! Woohoo. and To think I nearly bought it for RM80 the last time I saw it in Kino...

Speaking of Kino, I had to go hunt for a children's book for my mom, so off I went to the Kino here today, where I spent two hours drooling at the Lord of the Rings statues, and reading (or rather, RE-reading) halfway through the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, browsing through the graphic novels and swiping all the Star Wars magazine covers off the shelves. I love this place.

After that, (since I couldn't find my mom's books at Kino) off I went to Borders (stopping by a few toyshops first), where I spent ANOTHER two hours finishing off Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (I'd already read it before, so I skipped the boring bits. :-) ), and ogling the scantily-clad women in the men's magazines. I love this bookstore too. :-) At least there was no World of Feng shui to distract me (though I DID see a number of Lillian Too books. GAAA!)

Oh, and I failed my children's-book-hunting mission. Borders didn't have it either.

Bought some toys, Some Darth Vader Chup-Chups, some magazines, some movie posters (Sin City! Jessica Alba! Woohoo!)and went home happy. Not a bad Birthday and Post-Birthday-Day, I must say.. :-)

Oh, and thanks for all the birthday greetings yesterday! :-)
Off to the zoo tomorrow! Yay!

Everybody sing!:

Let's go to the zoo,
There's lots of things to do,
and the food is.. er... never mind.

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