Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Bored in the Airport (or how to kill time at KLIA)

I've been stuck in the airport for the past to hours, waiting for my flight which boards in two hours. Suffice to say, I'm bored out of my wits here, so bored in fact that I'm blogging again.

My new laptop has been the best thing I've bought this year, since I not only get to do my work anywhere I want (hmmm... That doesn't really count as a 'blessing' does it?), and I can surf the Internet anywhere I want (as long as it has a wireless broadband service, of course). Which also means I can update my blog a lot easier now.

Oh dear, I seem to be addicted to my blog. Oh well.

Anyway, I've pretty much run out of things to do here. I've visited the er... Four measly rows of shops here, spent half-an-hour sifting through the Pregnant Amidala action-figures to look for a non-existent Darth Vader toy, and finally ended up in the Starbucks surfing the net.

Here then, is a list of ten things to do when you have time to kill at KLIA.

1) Shop
(which should take up around er... 10 minutes of your time)

2) Sit around, drink beer and get drunk
(a few bars around at the International Departure hall, one called Cheers even. But be prepared to pay a premium for the beers though)

3) Go to Starbucks and surf por... I mean, the Net
(Only applicable if you have a laptop)

4) Sit in the middle of the hall and ogle at SIA air-hostesses.
(I swear the SIA girls look a lot better than the rest... Wonder why their Miss Singapore is so er... undesirable)

5) Change your money from Ringgit to US Dollars and back to Ringgit again, just to see how much you lose.
(only if you're filthy rich, or you accidentally changed ALL your Ringgit, leaving you with no money to pay for the trip BACK from KLIA later)

6) Go to the toy-shop and look for something to play with (I was desperate, ok?)

7) Go read a book inside the bookstore (and try not to get chased out by the storekeepers)

8) Stand by the windows and stare at the planes taking off/landing (and just for kicks, wave whenever one trudles pass)

9) Chat up that cute chick jaga-ing the perfume booth in the middle (You'd better have a good excuse for being there first though...)

10) Take multiple trips up and down between terminals on the Aerotrain (for best effect, close your eyes and pretend you're on a VERY SLOW roller-coaster...)

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