Thursday, 12 May 2005

A not-so-long time ago, in a cinema not so far away...

Just watched Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Since I don't really wanna spoil it for anyone, I shall leave the review for later, and for now, this is all I'm gonna say:
  • It's better than the first two prequels combined
  • Original trilogy still better, but this ties ip all up nicely
  • It's darker
  • Still some horrendous dialogue
  • lots of high points, and some low points
  • Lots of nostalgia
The question is, is it worth watching?

By the fiery lava of Mustafa, YES. It IS worth watching, if only to see the birth of Vader, the Empire and the twins.

Oh heck, its bloody well worth watching because just it's Star Wars.


Update (4:17pm):

Few days ago, I posted a list of 5 questions that I hoped ROTS would resolve. Now that I've seen it, let's see if the questions ARE answered:

1) We know the Clone Troopers become the empire's stooges, but how did the X-Wing end up with the republic while the Empire ended up with the dorky looking TIE fighters?

I still have no idea.

2) How did Anakin manage to forget that he BUILT C-3PO in the first place?

It's been pointed out that Darth Vader doesn't really MEET C-3PO in the original trilogy, so that settles it then.

3) Judging from all that jet-setting and fleeting secret meetings that always seem to be interupted by C-3PO in the Clone Wars cartoons, how the heck did Anakin and Padme actually find time to er... make babies?

Really big pillars, apparently.

4) Exactly how old is Chewbacca and what the heck is he howling about?

Someone said Chewie is about 200 years old. And I still have no idea what he's howling about in the 2 minutes he was on screen

5) Considering R2-D2 has been around from the very beginning in The Phantom Menace until the very end of Return of the Jedi, how does he keep himself rust-free, and why isn't his processor obsolete by ROTJ?

Free upgrades (or downgrades, more like)

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