Friday, 20 May 2005

Sick of all the Star Wars blogs?

Well, the hype certainly ain't gonna stop HERE, that's for sure. :-) In fact, sooner or later, I'm gonna have to rename this blog into Eye on Star Wars.

And if you think I'm being fanatic here, you should be glad I didn't have a blog when the LOTR movies were out....

But in case you think the new Star Wars movie sucked, then go check out these two quite brilliant parodies:

- LEGO Star Wars
- (Grocery) Store Wars

Oh, and thanks to Sashi for informing me that Darth Vader's blog The Darth Side has posted it's final post. It's been a great ride down Vader's life in THAT one, so DO check out the archives! :-)

PS: This post was specially posted just for the heck of getting on the nerves of everyone who is sick of Star Wars.


Eyeris' Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith viewing counter: Still 2 times (but will increase tomorrow!)

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