Monday, 9 May 2005

So long, and thanks for the Star Wars Merchandise...

I must say, it's good to be back after a week in Singapore. Sure, being with my larling for a week was refreshing (and er... energising. hur hur), but somehow, it's a bit too boring for me.

In Singapore, I have two friends. And I met them within two days of being there. After that, beyond being with my girlfriend (which was limited to nights, since she IS working after all), I really had no idea what to do in Singapore for the past week.

I don't go clubbing (techno gives me a headache and I rather get drunk at home), I don't particularly like shopping (unless I'm hunting for toys or Star Wars merchandise), and before anyone tells me to go EAT, I certainly am not spending SD4 on Hokkien mee at Newton which sucks-ass when compared with the one I can get for RM3.50 at PJ.

Even going for a movie was out, because a ticket costs SD11 (RM25 bucks for a movie? RIGHT), and all the movies I wanted to watch were not even showing yet.

In the end, I ended up spending most of my mornings online and blogging, and my afternoons running around Orchard and reading books at Borders (I finished two books there).

As I was saying, I'm glad to be back in KL, thoughthe thought of going to work again tomorrow (sorry, TODAY) DOES dampen my enthusiasm somewhat. But hey, at least here, I have friends to hang out with, CHEAP mamaks to go to, San Francisco Coffee, KLCC, my favorite toy shops, badminton to play, and my own HOME to go back to.

Yup, life is certainly a lot better with when you have friends and a place to call home.

Now to unpack all the Star Wars merchandise I got there...

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