Saturday, 21 May 2005

Why you should watch Star Wars: Clone Wars before ROTS

Yup, back to Star Wars. :-)

Have just been watching the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series again, just hours before watching ROTS for the THIRD time.

While it is not ESSENTIAL to watch Clone Wars before watching ROTS, it DOES answer several minor details in the movie.

Anyway, these is what you'd know if you'd watched Clone Wars first:

  • Why General Grievous 'coughs' in the beginning of the movie (Let's just say it involves the Force, and a certain Jedi Master with a purple lightsaber)
  • When Anakin gets his scar (not answered EXACTLY though)
  • What happens immedietely BEFORE the beginning of the movie (more specifically, BEFORE the title crawl)
  • Why Anakin and Obi-Wan were not at Coruscant when a certain someone was being captured.
  • Why C-3PO becomes gold.
  • How Anakin becomes a Jedi Knight (in a very stylo ceremony, I must say)
and last but not least:

  • Exactly why CLONE WARS is a LOT better than the life-action prequels themselves!

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