Thursday, 19 May 2005

You know you're addicted to movie merchandise when...

1) You visit FOUR hypermarkets within one hour to hunt for an R2-D2 Kelloggs Cookie Jar.

2) You can't work or do anything at your desk because it's virtually covered with movie action-figures, Star Wars tumblers, and Burger King Star Wars merchandise.

3) You have a little shrine in your room dedicated to Darth Vader.

4) You go straight to the toy section whenever you are in a department store/shopping mall to hunt for that bloody Darth Vader action-figure.

5) You swipe every magazine cover that has a Star Wars/LOTR logo on it, and keep them in sealed plastic bags, never to be opened again.

6) The second website you go to (AFTER your blog, of course) is, to check when the next batch of toys is coming out.

7) You spend more than a thousand bucks on a bloody sword. (Hey, it's ANDURIL, ok?)

8) You get calls in the middle of work from friends telling you where to find that R2-D2 cookie jar.

9) You ask to see the managers of your nearest RHB bank, Burger King to ask whether they can give you the life-sized Darth Vader standees after their promotions have ended.

10) You would spend RM50 on a bloody action figure of that third alien on the left at the cantina scene, but won't fork out RM30 to replace that pair of shoes you just wore out.

11) You call in favours from your friends in Singapore so that they can buy you the M&M's Star Wars merchandise there.

12) Instead of air-freshener, you have a Spider-man action figure hanging from your car's rear-view mirror.

13) You skip out of the office early to go to the nearest Giant to look for that bloody R2-D2 cookie jar.

14) You own a Lord of the Rings UMBRELLA.

15) You overdose on M&Ms because you wanted the cute Star Wars packaging they came in.

16) You spend RM20 bucks more on a premiere ticket because you wanted the exclusive movie poster that came with the goody bag.

17) You buy half-a-dozen Burger King Kid's Meals just to get the full collection of Star Wars toys.

18) You force your friends to drop by the Giant near their office/house to look for the R2-D2 cookie jar.

19) You specifically ask to be assigned to do a story on Star Wars so you can get the freebies that come with it.

20) You post a shameless request on your blog asking people to help you look for that R2-D2 cookie jar. (Yes, I really want the R2-D2 cookie jar. Anyone seen one? :-) )

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