Wednesday, 29 June 2005

The Best of Foo

Due to a state of mind most commonly known as extreme laziness (plus the fact that I'm too broke to top-up my Jaring account, and too broke to go out to a coffee joint to go online), I didn't post yesterday.

In fact, I didn't do ANYTHING yesterday, besides stay at home and play Championship Manager. I love taking long holidays... :)

Anyway, also due to my extreme laziness, I decided not to reply to every single comment in the last post. Seems that a lot of people liked it, and a lot DIDN'T like it as well. So I'm gonna leave it at that. haha

And Visitor, guess that makes two of us elitists eh? :)

Anyway, lets get off the subject of movies for a while. I'm a bit sick of talking about movies, and arguing with people on why Star Wars Episode III AND Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy both rocked, and Madagascar sucked. Oh, and also why Batman Begins was the best Batman movie ever made, and that Mr and Mrs Smith would have sucked without Angelina Jolie.

Anyway, ever since I got my iPod, I've been listening to a lot of music lately. It's just so easy to bring around, and I can listen to it anywhere I want.

One song that has been on repeat a lot lately is the Foo Fighter's new single, Best of You. Unimaginative title aside, this is one hell of a song.

The song is intense, the beat is infectious, and Dave Grohl's growling vocals matches the song perfectly. I love the tune, the lyrics, and that little break in between the guitar solo. It's little touches like that that made the song great for me.

Listening to the song gives you an adrenalin rush, and makes you wanna pick a fight with someone or just drive very very fast.

Hope I didn't get any speeding tickets.

But anyway, based on this song alone, I'm gonna get the album - In Your Honour. Hopefully the rest of the album will live up to that one song.

Oh, and Coldplay's X&Y DOES grow on you after a while. But I still think is sucks. :P

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