Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Bowing down at the Temple of The Goddess Jolie

Foreward: I apologise in advance to readers using dial-up lines. Lots of pictures here. But be patient, wait for all the pictures to load, and you won't regret it. :)


Today's post is all about a goddess. This goddess, to be exact:

You see, I just watched THIS movie last night:

and after the movie, all I could think of was this image:

I have a thing for girls in white shirts, and the sight of The Goddess Jolie in nothing BUT a white shirt was enough to make my nose bleed. Well, almost.

Angelina Jolie has got to be THE sexiest woman on the planet right now. If she wasn't before, she is now, especially after THIS movie.

I mean, take a look at her! Who could resist that smouldering look and the way she handles that er... big gun?

In the movie, 'The Goddess Jolie steals the scene everytime she appears. Whether she's in a demure dress visiting neighbors, in a leather corset whipping men with a riding crop, or a white shirt (and nothing but!).

And she handles er... big guns very well too:

Oh, and Brad who? The way the movie went, the poster should have been like this instead:

Ok, so they WERE a pretty good couple. The chemistry was quite electrifying. Especialy when they were fighting or dancing.

No wonder he left 'Friend Rachel'. No contest, really.

Look at THIS one:

As for the movie proper, it was pretty good - the action was great, dialogue quite witty, and the two leads were smouldering. Who cares that the story was somewhat illogical?

The movie was about action and sexual tension. Like a colleague said - it's stylised porn with guns.

Ceh, who am I kidding? The movie was ALL JOLIE. Girls, forget Brad Pitt. You'd want to become a dominatrix bisexual after watching THIS movie. The Goddess is THAT hot.

And now, a final gratuitious shot of The Goddess Jolie:

And in honour of the ass-whopping she gave Mr Pitt, and the most memorable and sexy line she uttered in the entire movie, I give you the movie poster as it SHOULD be:

Review? What review?

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