Thursday, 9 June 2005

Don't Believe The Truth About the X and the Y

Cowboy Caleb was right. Coldplay's new album, X&Y really IS shite.

All the songs seem to sound almost the same, and with the exception of Speed of Sound, none of them were remotely memorable. And Speed of Sound only sounded better because it sounded a little bit like Clocks.

Maybe thats exactly the problem. For all the well publicized 'Coldplay nearly breaks up because of new album', the album just sounds bland, and too much like a continuation of A Rush of Blood to the Head. Or maybe AROBTTH's rave reviews got hopes up too high for this album.

Either way, I still think it's shite.

And Chris Martin's voice sounds incredibly whiny. Is it just me, or does anyone else want to smack him in the head for sounding so annoyingly whiny on EVERY SONG?

Another singer who sounds a little whiny is Liam Gallagher. But then, that's a good thing. His trademark snarl sounds a tad whiny on the new Oasis album - Don't Believe the Truth, but at least you don't want to smack him in the head (another reason would be that he would knock YOUR head clear off your shoulders if you even TRIED to smack him).

Ok, Don't Believe the Truth is definitely (maybe?) NOT as good as their debut and second album, but it is definitely better than Be Here Now and Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. It's only slightly better than Heathen Chemistry, but that's only because I didn't really listen to HC much, except for Songbird and Stop Crying Your Eyes Out.

Anyway, Don't Believe the Truth has it's ups and downs but it's still better than the bloody Coldplay album.

The Importance in Being Idle and Mucky Fingers are my favorite songs on the album, and Turn Up the Sun, Lyla and Let There Be Love are also pretty good. The rest, are catchy in patches, but not as memorable. Though you'd remember them better than Coldplay's.

But anyway, I'm bias. I've always liked Oasis, even though they sounded like shite at times.

So, in a straight fight, who do I personally think would win the battle of the British bands?

No contest. The Gallaghers beat the crap out of Martin, AND have time to grab a few pints before the bell rings.


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