Friday, 24 June 2005

Eleven questions I wanted to ask during the PPS bash

UPDATE: For a one-stop compilation of Pings on the PPS bash, go to The Mudpond's One Stop Ping-Ping Bash Page!


Ten questions I wanted to ask during the PPS bash last night:

(ok, so there are twelve, so sue me... :P )

1) Bloody hell, why so hard to find parking wan? Who chose this place for the bash har? har? har?
2) Bartender, one beer ple.... wahlau, how come my wallet only got two linggit only?
3) Whoa... all the female bloggers damn hot hor?
4) What are those words on Minishorts' boo... er.. shirt?
5) Ok, I know their blogs, but what are their real names?
6) Why the birthday cake so small wan? and why the candles so long wan?
7) Why no one else want to bang the table with me and Minishorts wan?
8) Who shouted 'Stand up eyeris' in the middle of Mack's speech?
9) Is Viewtru here or not har?
10) How did Jayelle manage to convince her father to let her come?
11) Wahlau, why my car battery suddenly die wan? (Thanks to Mack and Tigerjoe for helping me push the car!)

And finally.... Does anyone else have THIS photo? :)

(From right to left): Kenny Sia, Peter Tan, Minishorts, Suanie, Also known as the PPS Fab Four! Oh, and that's Shaolin Tiger merrily drinking away at the back there...)

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