Saturday, 11 June 2005

Hanging out in Coffee joints with the Eyeris

I love hanging out in coffee joints.

No, it's not just because I'm addicted to coffee, but also because I like it there.

Most of the time, Eye on Everything is either updated while I'm in the office, or while I'm hanging out in a coffee joint with my laptop.

I like hanging out in coffee joints. I like the smell of coffee, the cosy atmosphere, the Wi-Fi and the general friendliness of the staff (at least in the outlets I usually go to).

Also, in coffee joints, you can sit in the non-smoking area and scold/complain to/glare at people who DARE to light up that frigging cigarette within a 2-foot radius of your table.

Even when I go out with friends, I would rather meet up in a coffee joint than a pub or bar. It's easier to chat in a coffee joint. You don't have bloody techno music tryign to drown your voice.

Of course, sometimes it CAN get rather noisy in a coffee joint, especially with all the blenders and people talking so LOUD that you really want to stand up and tell everyone to SHUT THE HELL UP! I'M TRYING TO LISTEN TO SOME MUSIC HERE!

Oh damn, did I just say that out loud?

Anyway, I spend a lot of my free time in coffee joints online, or just reading; and of all the coffee joints in KL, there are certain shops that le Eyeris likes to hang out in:

  • San Francisco Coffee, Ampang Point - If you sit by the windows, you get a nice view of shoppers walking in and out of Ampang Point. You can also hang out there and count how many illegal parkers get samans/towed.
  • San Francisco Coffee, KLCC - Another nice place to hang out where you can just chill and people-watch. I hate going there on weekends though, because the noise in KLCC on weekends can be deafening.
  • Starbucks, Amcorp Mall - Since I go to Amcorp Mall a lot (because my regular toy shop is there), I tend to spend an unhealthy amount of time there as a result. I'd initially wanted to boycott this particular Starbucks ever since it was rumoured that they'd kicked the San Francisco Coffee outlet out of Amcorp Mall by making a shady deal with the mall management, but since they hired that cute barista chick, and there is nowhere else in the mall with wi-fi, I've been hanging out there a lot as well.
  • San Francisco Coffee, 1 Utama - I also go to 1U a lot, because my office is just nearby, and I like to drop by after office hours to wait for the jams to clear. And since there is an SF in 1U, that's usually the first place I go to.
  • Starbucks, 1 Utama (old wing) - I only go here if I forgot to renew my Airzed account and can't use the Wi-Fi in SFC.
  • San Francisco Coffee, Mid Valley Megamall - I don't usually go to Mid Valley, but if I do, I'm almost always surfing at SFC. The Starbucks here doesn't have Wi-Fi (donno why), so I almost NEVER go there.
Notice that there is no mention of Coffee Bean. I hate the coffee there. At Starbucks, I only order the Afogato Caramel Cream because I like the espresso rush you get when you drink it without stirring. In SF Coffee, all the coffee drinks are GOOOOOD. :-)

BTW, if you ever go to the above mentioned outlets and see a skinny fellow sniggering to himself in front of a Toshiba laptop while listening to an iPod shuffle with white earphones and constantly glaring at the idiots smoking next to him, chances are that's me.

So don't forget to say hi. :-)

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