Friday, 3 June 2005

iShuffle, Therefore iMad

Save me please, I'm getting addicted to my iPod Shuffle.

I've only had it for one day, and already I'm wondering how I managed to survive without one.

I bought it off Erna yesterday (she won it in some lucky draw thingy and decided that she wanted the money more than the iPod), and since then I've been listening to it all day, keeping it in my pocket (I think the lanyard looks stupid), and having fun updating the songlist every other hour.

I've been listening to it at work, while walking around the shopping complex, while reading, and even in the toilet. It's so light and easy to use that I don't even notice it's there most of the time (though that music in my head is kinda hard NOT to notice...)

Heck, it's so light that I don't even notice it's there sometimes. I once put it on the table, and forgot I was listening to it. I got up, and there it was, my iPod Shuffle just hanging off my neck like a necklace that's too long.

Best part of it is, I get to listen to all those mp3s I have in my PC that I haven't had a chance to listen to. Yes, all 11GB of them.

Someone, please shoot me before I become one of those mindless drones who walk around with earphones in their ears, oblivious to everyone else around them, and bobbing their heads constantly to the soundtrack only they can hear.

Now excuse me while I go check out the price for the iPod Shuffle armband...

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