Thursday, 30 June 2005

The Joy of Doing Nothing

I'm on holiday. Been on holiday since Monday, and will be until this coming Monday.

What have I been doing on this holiday, you ask?

Welllll...... NOTHING.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Zilch. Apa pun tarak buat.

Some people whom I've mentioned this to can't seem to comprehend why I would 'waste' my off-days just lazing at home playing Championship Manager and not go out AT ALL. They seem to think that a holiday entails going on trips, going shopping, or doing housework, or just having sex all day.

Ok, that last one sounds good actually.

But anyway, I LIKE staying at home and doing nothing. Unproductive as it may seem, this is what holidays are all about. It's about doing what you want to do, (which in MY case, is practically NOTHING), and not giving a damn about shcdeuls, deadlines, work, or being PRODUCTIVE.

Vegetating on holidays is a lost art, I tell you. These days, you get colleagues going on leave, takign a five-day-four-night tour to seven countries in Europe, and come back more stress than ever because the plane nearly crashed. Or, you get people taking two days off, and staying home doing spring cleaning, and then coming back to the office looking as though they'd worked overtime for a week running.

Just chill lar, people.

Holidays are supposed to be a break from work, and it's about doing things at your own pace. Heck, I DO do some work at home on holidays sometimes, but only because I either HAVE to, or I'm just happy enough (and bored of CM enough) to bang out a couple of words on that long overdue book review I owe Daphne. (Sorry Daphne!) :P

So yeah, I don't do anything on holidays. And I don't care. I just wanna vegetate at home, rot away slowly, and then on the last day of it all, pick myself up, clear the cobwebs away, and go to the office all raring to work again (RIGHT. As if lar).

So here is a list of what I've been doing thus far on my holidays....

  • Playing Championship Manager
  • Playing badminton
  • Sleeping
  • Reading
  • Watching Cartoon Network
  • More sleeping
  • More Championship Manager
  • Some blogging
  • Lepaking in coffee joints (blogging)
  • Eating
  • Still some more sleeping
Yup. That's all I've been doing all this week. Cool eh?

So next time, when you have a long holiday, no need to sign up for travel tour or plan what to do wan.

Just stay home and SLEEP! (Or have sex.)

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