Tuesday, 7 June 2005

The Upcoming Encounter with the Denizens of Petaling Street

Following Captain Carcinogen's lead, I shall now list the reasons why you should go for the PPS Birthday Bash this June 23...
  1. You get to attempt intellectual discourse with Mack Zulkifli.
  2. You can complain about PPS directly to the founders.
  3. You get to see Captain Carcinogen attempt conversation with 3 Dunhill boxes...
  4. You can get to see IreneQ attempt to socialise...
  5. You get to see just how Messy a Christian can get.
  6. You can see Kenny Sia's coconuts, angmotan, big bird and lightsaber in action in one go.
  7. You get to see how Silencers tries to be silent in a noisy room.
  8. You can see whether Erna really is as hot as her picture. (I know she hasn't signed up, but she'd better!)
  9. You can see Suanie eat worms and get horny... er... red horns on her head.
  10. You get to see minishorts in nothing but her minishorts (hope she doesn't come in a mermaid costume instead...)
And finally, the best reason.... Le Eyeris is going to! BUAHAHA! And you get to celebrate Eye on (why am I linking to my own blog?) Everything's FIRST anniversary as well! Woohoo! :-)

Now, go HERE and sign up! Oh, if you wanna makan buffet at the bash, go HERE.

But then again, the buffet might not be a very good idea since you might just lose the food in your stomach after watching Suanie eating worms...

PPS 2nd Anniversary Birthday Bash Details

Date: 23 June 2005 (Thursday)
Time: 7.30pm — late
Venue: Charlie's Place (map here)
(If that link isn't working try this)

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