Sunday, 31 July 2005

Two days in Singapore and what happens?


WAHLAU, I think I shall start cyling to work from now on.

BTW, I also found out that my picture came out in the Singapore Business Times on July 8 2005, kneeling next to Neil Gaiman.

Anyone in Singapore can help me find that picture ar? :)

Regular blog transmission shall resume on Tuesday (or Monday night, provided I'm not too tired from the bus trip home...)

Thursday, 28 July 2005

Tie Tying Tiredness

I'm tired. Tired because besides tryingto finish the REST of my work, I also have to do a bloody story on TIES.

TIES of all things.

I bloody HATE wearing ties. Ties are probably the most pointless and....FLOPPY pieces of clothing one could wear.

I can wear shirts and jackets, but when it comes to ties, I just bloody HATE them. I mean, what is the POINT of ties? At least BELTS can hold your pants up. Ties? The only thing they might be good for is if you wanted to strangle someone to death. Or as kinky bondage accesories (Whatever gets you off I guess).

I hate the way they flop around, getting in your soup when you're reaching over for more char siew, I hate trying to tie the damn things properly so the back bit doesn't end up longer than the short one, and so that the front bit is not so long that it points directly to your crotch.

When I was doing sales once (in a distant past when I was rather desperate for money), I had to wear a tie EVERY SINGLE DAY. I really hated going to work then. Ok, I didn't mine the WORK so much at the time, but I hated PREPARING for work, because I'd have to go through the hassle of TYING THE BLOODY TIE.

I was so bad at tying ties that when FINALLY one day I got the EXACT length of the tie correct, I never untied the knot EVER, and wore that tie for WEEKS until it stank.

Why DO peopel wear ties anyway? Because they need to look 'professional'? Because their company FORCED them to? To look hensem-er? To impress their bosses? To overcompensate for the size of er... other things?

Heck, does ANYONE ELSE think that ties are really pointless anyway? Does ANYONE still think they are necessary anymore?

That said, when a GIRL wears a tie, it looks rather sexy, to tell the truth. Especially when it's with a white shirt..


Now imagine if Angelina Jolie was wearing that outfit...



Ok, that's enough fantasizing. My point here (and as usual, I don't really HAVE one), is to find out what people REALLY think about wearing ties.

I know what I think about them. I bloody HATE them. So THERE!

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Lego-men, Lego-men, does whatever other toys can...


Heck, I grew up with Lego. I had more Lego blocks while I was a kid than any other toy. Which was kinda cool, actually, since I could basically do ANYTHING with it.

I used the Lego to build characters and vehicles from Transformers, Voltron, the cheesy puppet-show Die-X thingy, Starcom, MASK, and all the other 80's cartoons I love so much, since the actual toys were always so expensive that my parents would refuse to buy them.

I wonder why they had no qualms with buying Lego for me though.

No matter. What matters is that I LOVE Lego because of that. Other kids grew up with actual Transformer robots that transformed, while the ones I made from Lego had to be taken apart brick by brick and reassembled into their robot modes.

Sure, I had SOME Transformers toys as well (a sore point for me, since I accidently broke off the head of my original G1 Optimus Prime. If only I knew how much it would be worth today.... Oh well...)

Anyway, the point of this post (and I do have one) is that I love Lego (how many times have I said that already?). I loved the way they fitted together in everyway possible, I loved the way the Lego-men could er.... do nothing but er... bend over, and I loved fixing things together and BREAKING THEM and then fixing them up again.

Lego was cool. All the psychedlic colours were cool. Other kids' Bumblebee Transformer only came in Yellow and Black, MINE was RAINBOW-COLOURED.

I also used to drive my dad crazy by strewing the Lego ALL OVER THE FLOOR, and casuing him to step on one stray one. When that happened, I would REALLY get it.

Well, not really. The worst punishment I ever got from my father was not any sort of beating or scolding. It was him confiscating my Lego for a WEEK. I cried a lot during that week. That's how much I loved my Lego. :-(

Of course I craved other toys at the time, I was a kid after all (and I'm making up for that now, with all tht toys I'm buying NOW) but come to think of it, I don't regret NOT having those other toys then, because my Lego was all I needed.

I WOULD like to think that all that building playing with Lego made me more creative as a person, but who am I kidding? All I made were un-colour-coordinated Transformers and Starcom ships anyway. What's so creative about THAT?

Anyway, I digress again. I am supposed to be saying (for the fourth, or is it fifth time?) that I LOVE my Lego, and I'm currently contemplating buying a few sets of Lego for the heck of it, and also to build a city diorama for my Marvel & DC Minimate mini-figures to fight in.

Kinda like THIS little one I have here:

and here:

Now, imagine a nice little Lego display with buildings like police stations, fire stations and what not, with ALL THESE little superhero figures jumping around them...


I feel like a kid again just thinking about it.

However, you need MONEY to get that much Lego. And unfortunately, merely loving Lego is not gonna get me any... WAAAA!


PS: BTW, Anyone have any old Lego sets they wanna sell for cheap? :-)

Narnia Hype Starts here on EoE!

That's right, the hype for this movie:

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

starts NOW at Eye on Everything!

Why now? Because I just got my grubby hands on the Narnia movie poster, and it was so pwetty that I decided to read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe again.

How pwetty was it? THIS pwetty actually:

So, my dear readers, forget Star Wars. Forget Batman. Forget the fact that ANOTHER bloody Heavy Petter movie is coming out later.

Narnia is gonna be THE movie event of the year!

God I hope it doesn't suck.


PS: look out for more Narnia related posts from now till December, including reviews and thoughts on the books, and my thoughts on why they are WAAAAAAAAAAY better than Hairy Potty could ever could be...

Tuesday, 26 July 2005


This is what happens when you drink too much coffee in one go:

1) You wake up
2) Get a little hyperactive
3) Feel a bit nauseous
4) Wanna puke
5) Go drink more coffee

Ok, that's what happens when I drink too much coffee in one go. It started yesterday when I was in the office. I made a cup of Nescafe, drank it really really fast while at work, and then decided that it tasted so good that I just HAD to have another cup. So I made another, drank THAT one really really fast as well, and felt really hyper after that.

Then, I went out for an errand, passed a San Francisco Coffee outlet, and just HAD to go in and get another drink.

So that was THREE cups of coffee within two hours.

Later yesterday, I drank another cup of Nescafe.

That's when I began to feel nauseous and decided I HAD to stop drinking so much coffee.

So much for THAT idea. This morning I went for another assignment, and they had a coffee machine that made really good coffee. And being early in the morning, I was groggy and needed coffee to wake me up so I could work properly.

So I drank another two cups in quick succesion.

And amd now at SF Coffee KLCC.

I feel like puking now.


Monday, 25 July 2005

The Graphic Novel Unaddiction U-turn

A few thousand posts back, I wrote about how I didn't really read graphic novels in this post here: My Graphic Novel Unaddiction.

Unfortunately, it's one of those posts that I might eventually have to eat, because since then, I've bought a few graphic novels already, and am planning to buy more and more... Sigh...

I'm attributing this sudden fascination with graphic novels (or comics, whatever) to me meeting Neil Gaiman, which inspired me to go and buy and read comics.

Ok, not in comics per se, but certain WRITERS of comics. People like Gaiman, Alan Moore, Frank Miller and so on.

So far, since I wrote the above-mentioned post, I've bought Miller's Sin City and Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. After meeting Gaiman, I went to buy two of his Sandman books, and read his Marvel 1602 book (which I thought was great as well); and on Friday while browsing through Kinokuniya, I couldn't resist the bright yellow cover of Moore's Watchmen.

Now, this post is gonna be about Watchmen. Well, in brief that is. Not gonna do a whole review of the book (I'll leave THAT to The Visitor), but just what I thought of it.

I thought it was pretty damn brilliant.

It's a great story. It takes costumed 'superheroes' and make them human. It makes you think, provokes you to FEEL, and it bloody COMPELS you to keep going back to it and flipping through it even though you'd finished it the day before.

I'd read Gaiman's first two Sandman compilations before Watchmen, and now I can understand why Gaiman said a lot of his early work was Moore-inspired. How can you NOT be inspired by a piece of writing as layered and as complex, yet so utterly compelling as Watchmen?

No WONDER the movie project has stalled for so long. How do you adapt something like Watchmen and STILL keep the essence, the atmosphere and the SPIRIT of the whole thing? If done badly, it'll turn out to be as horrid as LXG.

(The Visitor would beg to differ though. He says it CAN be adapted, the studio just needs to hire HIM to write the screenplay.)

Anyway, to go back to the overall topic of graphic novels, I'm currently hungry for more. Before Watchmen, I'd also read Gaiman's Marvel 1602 after I came back, and I thought it was pretty damn good as well. And so was Frank Miller's Sin City (The Hard Goodbye).

Next on my list is Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, the rest of his Sin City books, the other Gaiman books, and a whole lot more others. Heck, I want to read them all!

But I'm broke.


Anyone can lend me some? :-)

Sunday, 24 July 2005

Another MEME: Thanks for the memories!

It's the weekend, and I'm happily surfing on my new Streamyx line. so far so good, it's been nice and fast...

Anyway, since it's the weekend and I couldn't be arsed to do anything else, I decided to do a MEME! haven't done one of these for a while. Senorita LyN has been trying to Tag me with one for ages, but so far, her efforts have failed because I'd either 1) Done the Meme before, or 2) I couldn't be arsed to do a Meme.

But like I said, I'm in a good mood, have got nothing better to do, and I have a really fast and constant Internet connection.

Jom Meme!


10 years ago today:
I'd just gotten my SPM and was trying to appeal to get into UPM because I couldn't stand the Form Six students in my school...

5 years ago today:
Probably sneaking off to Penang to meet up with my larling whom I would have been going out with for seven months already at the time....

1 year ago today:
In July? I think I was stuck in Hong Kong covering some stupid movie starring Andy Lau...

Playing pool and eating steamboat in Genting...

Work lar what else? I don't have much of a life, remember? Unless anyone wants to ask me out for a drink and belanja me another game of pool....

5 snacks I enjoy:
I don't snack much, but when I get the munchies I eat: Kit-Kat, Cadbury's Picnic, bread and Smuckers Goober Grape, Pringles, and the waffles at the shop opposite my office. Used to like Kum-Kum last time because of the cheapo toys they came with...

5 bands that I know the lyrics to most of their songs:
Too many, too many. But five that I DEFINITELY remember lyrics to are: Oasis, Beyond (the Hong Kong one lar), Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World and the Goo Goo Dolls.

5 things I would do with $100,000,000:
Er... Buy myself a private branch of San Francisco Coffee so I'll have non-stop supply of kopi. Buy a car that doesn't break down. Buy anything my family or my larling wants. Donate some to charity. Invest the rest so I get MORE money! BUAHAHA!

5 locations I'd like to run away to:
Spain, Poland, Narnia, The Shire, and the Land of Take-What-You-Want

5 bad habits I have:
Drinking too much coffee. Nose-picking (Hehe). Buying too many toys. Sleeping too much (eh, wait, that's not bad what...). Swearing.

5 things I like doing:
Watching cartoons. Drinking coffee. Playing pool. Playing with Lego. Sex.

5 things I would never wear:
Ladies' underwear (up yours, Beckham!), tight figure-hugging T-shirts, anything PINK, bowties, and floral shirts.

5 TV shows I like:
Transformers, South Park, Samurai Jack, Charmed, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

5 movies I like:
Wahlau, so many... all three LOTR movies, Moulin Rouge, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, Transformers: The Movie.

5 famous people I'd like to meet:
er... JRR. Tolkien (damn, he's dead), Angelina Jolie (drool.. drool...), Terry Pratchett, Rafa Benitez (so I can thank him for the greatest night I ever had since I started supporting Liverpool), and Miranda Otto (drool.. drool)... and so many more woi...

5 biggest joys of the moment:
My larling, my family, being able to gloat over Man Utd fans, my toys, and ANDURIL!

5 favorite toys:
You DO realise that this is a TOY COLLECTOR you are talking to? I have so many toys, how to pick five? Oh well, here goes: my G1 Optimus Prime (THE transformer of transformers!), my Marvel Minimates (mini legolike figures of Marvel characters!), my Transformers Binaltechs (REAL cars that transform into robots!), my LOTR action figures, and ANDURIL! (ok, this isn't meant to be a toy...)

5 Victims to tag:
Am not sure I wanna ask anyone to do ANOTHER meme, but it would be fun to tag Ah Kau (because the last time I tagged him, the bloody fool called me gay).

Saturday, 23 July 2005

A New Age of Connectivity in EoE...

After years and years of relying on a trusty Jaring dial-up line, and months and months of trying to get an alternative, I am happy to announce that this blog will probably be updated a lot more often from home now, because...


Though I kinda wish Jaring's broadband service covered my area, because if possible, I REALLY didn't want to get anything from TM.

But I'm not complaining, since I've not had any problems so far...

Fingers crossed...

Friday, 22 July 2005

The Hamdak and the Lamest Jokes on Earth

Once upon a time, an old friend (let's call him V, shall we? FYI, and he's NOT The Visitor) and I decided to tease another mutual friend (Update: Not V, BTW) by calling him a 'Hamdak', which is sort of like a cross between a Hamster and a Badak (rhino). Don't ask why, it's too long a story.

Anyway, one day, we were having supper together (this was a long time ago, BTW, when I used to go out for supper almost EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and sit around calling people Hamdak), me and V decided to make up a series of REALLY STUPID and somewhat LAME jokes about Hamdaks.

I was reminded of this episode last night when talking to a friend about puns and lame jokes, and because it's one of those things that you don't wanna forget, I decided to reproduce some of the 'jokes' here so that I won't forget them again.

Anyway, here are the 'jokes', and if you don't find them remotely funny, I understand, because some of them really ARE extremely lame. But at the time, it seemed REALLY REALLY FUNNY, especially after two glasses of Nescafe Tarik Besar Kao.

So.. here they are, the lamest jokes on earth!

1) What do you call an unhatched Hamdak?


3) What do you call a vegetarian Hamdak?


4) What do you call a Hamdak Porno movie?


5) What do you call a smelly Hamdak?


6) What do you call Hamdak biscuit?


7) What do you call a cursed Hamdak?


PS: Sorry for the lame ass jokes. hey I thought they were funny. and they ARE original compositions after all... haha

PSS.. and sorry to those who don't understand Cantonese too...

PSSS... BTW, if you want a REALLY good laugh (and a somewhat disturbing one too, go over the The Visitor's site and check out his movie posters... HERE and HERE)

Thursday, 21 July 2005

THE book-event of the year so far (for me, at least)

Forget Hairy Parter, THIS book is THE book-event of the year for me so far:

Was browsing through MPH just now and when I saw this book, I immedietely GRABBED it off the shelf and went STRAIGHT to the cashier to pay.

Never mind that I had no cash. I broke my vow to use less than what I pay every month for my credit card, and swiped the damn thing - all RM99.90 of it.

Now THIS WILL be worth RM99.90, not that bloody Half-Blah Prince thingy...

Much Ado about Nothing.... My Final Say

This is gonna be my final say on the bloody fuss about nothing but which NEARLY caused something.

MY counter-measures neither blew up the whole thing, nor did it make thigns worse.

While it didn't exactly make things better either, the bright side of it coming out was that even if other mediums come out with it now, MY measures will ensure that it has ALREADY been reported, and the SIZE and actual news-worthyness of it all was really just worthy of a tiny blurb at the bottom of page 29.

and to make things better, even THAT was overshadowed by another cover story about the business-side of this online medium, which put us in an even BETTER light.

SO THERE you go. The ultimate proof that it really WAS all a big fuss over nothing.

But that doesn't excuse YOU (you know who you are!) from doing it again! It could have been so, so much worse...

Regular blog transmission will resume later...

Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Stealthily, I Change the Subject...

Bloody hell. I'm sick of it all. I'm tired of the whole damn thing. Tomorrow, even if it all comes crashing down, I'm not gonna talk about it anymore. Pah.

In fact, I was so sick of it all I decided to go watch a brainless movie this morning, a movie that I normally would never have watched - STEALTH! (Whoopie.)

It's a stupid movie. Brainless. Not even close to Top Gun. But then again, Top Gun was classic. Probably the only Tom Cruise movie I can bear. Besides the one where he gets killed I mean. Which was... gee, he doesn't get killed much, does he?

Anyway, Stealth is brainless. The premise is blah (Smart warplane eh? ho hum...), the action isn't even exciting, and JAMIE FOXX, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? From OSCAR winnier to THIS? Trying to do a Halle Berry eh?


Gah, too many Capital letters. Headache, headache.

Anyway, if you have to watch only ONE movie this year, don't watch Stealth. If you REALLY have to watch it, wait for it to come to Astro. Or borrow someone's pirated DVD. Just don't waste your time in the cinema, and don't spend money on it.

But the planes DO look sweet though. especially the Talons.

A Riddled Explanation of The Storm

The Visitor was right. I'm gonna explain the past two days events in riddles again, because it just isn't worth being too specific sometimes.

A certain someone did something which could have affected the community (and indirectly, myself too), so yesterday, I was scrambling to try and contain some of the repercussions.

Never mind that the thing is now gone (for now), never mind that nothing big happened (yet). It has been done, and we all have to live with the consequences when they arrive.

If anyone asks what the big deal of it was, I'd say the action alone is not a big deal. We see the same thing day in and day out after all.

HOWEVER, the PLACE it was put in, AND the co-subject made it a whole different can of worms. If it was anyone else besides that co-subject, it would probably NOT have caused such a ruckus, and no one on the outside would know about it.

But it WAS that person. And now the oft-maligned medium has picked up on it.

It's easy to rant and rave about how freedom of speech is being denied, or how people are controling what you say, but most people really do not think about the bigger picture.

Like it or not, when you're safe in your own little place, you are safe to do what you want. But when people OUTSIDE start catching on and intend to play up the negativity of the action, then the consequences can reach a lot further than one thinks.

When you're just one person, you can rant and rave all you want. But when something crops up that could well affect the ENTIRE community and hinder its progress, then you'll have to step back and wonder whether you were right to say what you want.

I was in a dillema yesterday. I had to save my own skin, but also had to help my friends. I had to do my job, but I had to do it in a way that was NOT too damaging to the community.

As luck would have it, the storm has not passed. Tomorrow, we shall see if the storm becomes a hurricane.

Because I know for sure that MY so-called 'damage-control' method IS coming out, and there is no stopping it. Whether it will make things worse or make neutralise the furore, I can't tell.

Either way, the truth will be coming out, in one medium or another. I tried my best to soften the blow, but it is still gonna be a pretty hard punch.

It is inevitable. So be prepared, ok?

Oh, and to the person at the center of the storm: Everyone makes mistakes, and it's learning from these mistakes that make you a better person. Whether or not you bounce back from a mistake depends on how much you care about what you do.

Ride out the storm, dude. And try to bounce back. Everyone goes through bad patches.

That said, if you EVER put me through all that again and I will personally fly over there and kick your ass! :-)

No Shit on the Fan.... Whew!

Woke up this morning, first thing I did was check the newspaper. No shit there (Besides the politics)

Checked PPS. No shit there either (besides the usual. haha)

Other news sites.... no shit there (only politics, which is worse)

Went to toilet. Got shit there.

SMSed a few people, no shit anywhere...

Were we overreacting? Donno. Maybe, maybe not.

I like to think that the offender managed to take it down fast enough, so there WAS no story after all.

But anyway, let's not let our guard down, shall we?

Am hoping the shit doesn't hit the fan later.

For now, am relieved. Somewhat.

Will explain later.

Tuesday, 19 July 2005

The Peace Before the Shite Hits the Fan (Well, maybe)

I'm tired.

Just tired.

It's been a long day, not just at work.

If you were here this morning, then you'd have seen the last post.

Let's just say I've been trying to do some damage control for something that cropped up earlier.

Whether it will work or not remains to be seen.

Whether it's all just an over-reaction will be known tomorrow.

I'm not even sure if MY damage control methods will work, or make things worse.

If it makes things worse, then OOPS. I tried my best. The last word is not with me.

If it turns out ok, then hopefully it might neutralise some damage.

Either way, what's done is done. Let's look to the future.

Especially tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the shit may (or may not) hit the fan.

Let's just wait shall we?

Damage Control in progress....

Apparently, I left a door wide open.

Stupid stupid stupid...

Monday, 18 July 2005

A Phobic Interview-Transcribing Tendency

If there is one thing I hate more than waking up early in the morning, it's transcribing taped interviews.

It's possibly one of the most tedious and boring aspects of my job, and one that I try to avoid as much as possible by writing my notes instead of taping them.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of certain interviews (plus the fact that my hadwriting is really, really shite), I sometimes have to resort to taping the interviews instead.

When I'm interviewing a celebrity where I know most of the answers willl pretty much be rather generic (especially when it comes to Chinese entertainment), then I'll just scribble my notes. But when it's a rather complicated interview with lots of facts, science, names, and what not, I HAVE to resort to taping the interview.

While taping the interview means I can concentrate on asking better questions without being distracted by writing notes. I can also ensures that I keep eye contact with the subject AND make sure he or she does not get distracted from my furious scribbling (I don't know shorthand, see).

However, AFTER the interview, comes the hard part. TRANSCRIBING the BLOODY tape.

Depending on how long the interview is, you've got at least two hours down the drain just bloody listening and typing out the interview. Sure, I COULD get someone from Admin to transcribe it for me, but then they might not know what some of the weird names are. Plus I lose an oppurtunity to look REALLY REALLY busy when the boss walks by.

Anyway, good thing about taping an interview is that you won't miss anything that was said. But the bad thing is, you have to sit through the ENTIRE interview once again.

Sometimes when the subject is a foreigner, it's even more 'fun'. I once interviewed Jiang Wen, a Chinese actor, who spoke in a really THICK Chinese accent, and talked about some really profound shit.

Interviewing him was the easy part. BUT, it took me bloody THREE HOURS to transcribe the 30-minute interview, beause half the time I couldn't fathom what the HELL he was talking about, with all that thickly accented philosophical babble.

I've just finished transcribing half of my one-hour interview this morning. I think I need more coffee before I fall asleep doing the other half.

Or then again, maybe I'll do it tomorrow...

Eyeris and the The Early Morning Blues

God I hate waking up early in the morning.

And I hate coming to the office early even MORE.

It's 7:30am, and I'm the first one in the office. Had to turn on the lights myself because the first person doesn't usually come in until at least 9:30am.

Here's what happened:

5:45am: Alarm rang. Turned it off for first snooze.
5:55am: Alarm rang again. Turned it off again, for second snooze.
6:05am: Third time alarm ringing. Pondered getting up for a while, decided I still had time, and snoozed it again.
6:15am: No delaying it this time. Get up, go mandi.
6:40am: Drive out of house.
6:50am: Manage to get pass Jalan Tun Razak jam before it started building up. Yippee!
7:00am: Reach office. Made coffee. Sat around drinking coffee.
7:15am: Prepared questions for my interview at 9-freaking-a.m.
7:25am: Decided to rearrange desk. Toys getting crowded. Books all over place.
7:30am: Blogged.

Sigh, I hate getting up early. Thank god I don't have to do this everyday of the week.. unlike.. er... most of you out there... tee hee hee (typical of me eh, to gloat even after all that? :P)

Will update again later... off for breakfast now and then to assignment!

Have a good Monday! (Heh, RIGHT.)

Saturday, 16 July 2005

Book review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (J.K. Rowling)

I finished the new Harry Potter book in six hours, and all I have to say is this:

Thank God I didn't spend RM99.90 on it...

On with the review then...


Title: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Author: J.K "Gimme More Money!!!" Rowling

Harry Potter is this young angsty wizard, see. And he has to save the world, see, so we have pay JK. Rowling RM99.90 to read about how he does that and go through life in his sixth year at this wizard school caled Hogswart, see... Not easy to do, because you know, that bad dude called Voldemort is loose, and everyone is in mortal peril...

Main characters: But you know this already...

What I liked:

  • Won-Won!
  • Great start to the book, especially the first two chapters
  • There were some good touches here and there (although very far between)
  • Quite sad at a certain point of the book...
  • Builds up two very interesting characters - Snape and Malfoy. I wanna read the next book just to find out what happens to them...

What I didn't like:

  • Somehow, I can't help the feelng that this book was a pointless waste of time. It didn't exactly advance the overall plot much besides establishing several OTHER plotlines and developing a few other characters. And you certainly don't need a bloody 600 page book to do THAT!
  • The beginning of the book was great, as was the ending, which was fairly exciting. But the middle part was ...zzzzzzzzzzzz....
  • Some parts read like a Mills and Boons or Sweet Valley High than a children's book.
  • The main characters getting very boring and bland
  • Nothing new in the wizarding world besides some new spells, potions and monsters
  • Bloody THICK!
Summary (a very LONG one):

One gets the feeling that Rowling is churning out the books for the adult market now, no longer the children. Which is sad, considering the fact the the first three books were great books for kids, introducing them to fantasy and magic well.

But with the past three books, Harry Potter has digressed into an adult page-turner that serves nothing more than make more money for Rowling.

The story in this book is almost non-existent. Sure, there are some new things here, but she works mostly with the knowledge (or rather, assumption) that her readers would probably know almost everything about each characters and each made-up word in the book, and does not even bother to explain some things anymore.

There is nothing new to read here. The magic is reduced to a jumble of gibberish made-up words, and the characters are in danger of becoming two-dimensional cardboard figures (with the exception of perhaps Severus Snape and Draco Malcoy, surprisingly). Apart from a whole new monster, and a whole new plot line for Harry to pursue, and a certain loss, there really isn't much point to this book, is there?

While the development of some relationships was quite nice to read about, I also got the feeling Rowling really chickened out of it in the end in this aspect as well though...

Some elements of the book seemed to have been recycled from previous ones (ANOTHER book?!?!) and several things I would liked to have seen expanded was just shoved aside and buried under all the jumble of 'spell' names and what-not.

Another thing the book does is set up a rather convenient setting for the next (and supposedly final) Harry Potter Book. One can almost SMELL what's gonna happen in the last book...

I hate the fact that this books have so much potential in them, but it's been so hyped up that the writer doesn't write it as well anymore, just giving it enough to sell books and get more money.

The past three books have been bloody DICTIONARIES, and most of it could have been told in HALF the pages, without sacrificing the details or essential elements of the story.

As it is, HP and the Half-Blood Prince is a bloody thick book that has a good story but lousy execution.

And GAH! Now we gotta wait another two years for the next one!

My conclusion? read it if you must, just don't pay RM99.90 for the damn thing. Wait for the paperback, borrow it off a sucker who lined up at 5am for the book, or just read it at the bookstore (which I did), I don't care. Just don't pay RM99.90 to JK Rowling for this kind of pointless tripe.

Better yet, spend that money on Garth Nix's Old Kingdom series. Now THAT's a bloody good children's series...

Update: Lemme get something clear - I don't HATE Harry Potter. I wouldn't be reading the books if I hated it, would I? It's a guilty pleasure, and I DO enjoy finding out about what happens to the characters. I also think its a damn near brilliant concept, and written well, would have been brilliant.

HOWEVER, I just wish Rowling could have done it better. Right now, it's like Wheel of Time all over again - never ending beating around the bush, endless new things being introduced and not used in later books, and more and more characters with strange names entering the mix.

But as much as I find it trivial, I... just... can't... stop... reading them!

The Face behind the Blog: Eyeris Exposed! (well, sort of)

I don't usually post pictures of myself on the blog, but just the other day, a camera-happy coleague of mine decided to take a few shots of me drinking coffee, for what reason, I don't know why. I think she just likes taking pictures.

Oh well, she's a pretty good photographer, so I decided what the heck. But not after she took a few shots of me giving the one finger salute first though.

I don't like taking pictures much. Pictures of myself always turn out bad, and make me look really skinny (which I am, but I don't need to be reminded of that), or really stupid (which I'm NOT, or at least I like to think so).

Anyway, I have to admit that the pictures DID turn out pretty well. Therefore, I've decided that since she is probably the only person who has ever taken a decent photo of me (ie: one that doesn't make me look stupid or too skinny), I shall pay tribute to her skills with a camera by putting the following photo here on my blog.

So, in case you've ever wondered what Eyeris looks like (those who have never met me, that is), here is part of me:

Of all the shots, I kinda like this one best. And yup, that's a cup of coffee I'm holding.

Oh, and in case you didn't like that picture, well, here's what I think of THAT...

Yes, I have gnarly fingers, so sue me. Oh, and BTW, to the camera-girl.... thanks! :-)

Thursday, 14 July 2005

What do YOU do after work?

What do most people do after work? Do they join the jams in KL and hang out in their cars, ogling girls in officewear in the other cars? Do they go and sardine it in the LRT?

Some people go to gym, some people go jogging, some people go watch movies, some go shopping, some go drinking or clubbing, and some just stay at work and work some more, is probably why they have no lives.

Personally, since I usually get to work rather late, and go home late as a result (flexible hours mar), I tend to wait around until 8pm before heading home, so the roads will be clear by then.

Before I got my laptop, I'd hang out in coffee joints and READ instead. But now, since I got my laptop, my favorite pastime now is hanging out in coffee joints surfing and blogging and ownloading por... er... illegal mp3s... er.. no, no... doing research! Yes, that's it.

Which explains why I'm currently so far behind on my book reviews now.

Nowadays, my after-office hours are getting kinda dull, so I'm trying to find other more ways to spend my after-office hours though. Besides hanging out in coffee joints or playing badminton, I mean.

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, 13 July 2005

A Collection-Obsession Confession

A certain friend said the other day that I collect things obsessively. Well, I probably do.

Actually, my 'collections' border on hoarding more than collecting, because I 'collect' anything that seems cool to me at the time.

One of my biggest collections, is of course, books. I have so many books, and keep buying so many that I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I may never ever finish reading all the books I have. PayLess is both a heaven sent and devil's apple for someone like me - a person who buys books by the dozen and just HAVE to have every single book in a series, even though I may have read it three times before.

Another of my obsession are my toys and action figures. My room is full of them. My desk at work nearly overflowed with them once. I have shelves and cabinets full of them.

I started collecting toys two years back when Erna lured me into Ultimate Toys in Amcorp Mall to get her Lord of The Rings action figures. I decided to buy a set as well, which consisted of Faramir, Legolas, Gandalf and Aragorn. And I've been hooked ever since.

In fact, at one point, I got so addicted to buying toys that I bought one every other week, spending almost thousands within a year reclaiming my childhood.

I bought them all - Transformers, LOTR, Marvel Legends, Minimates, and expensive statues - so much that I was broke half the time. My most expensive acquisition has to be a RM1400 sword - Anduril... Don't ask me how I got it though, I'm sworn to secrecy about it.

I still buy them now, but I've since stopped being so obsessive. No money leh. Transformers damn expensive wan woi.

Besides books and toys, there are also a few other things I collect, somewhat less obsessively, but no less expensive, come to think of it.

For one, I collect beers and spirits from each country or city I've visited. So far, I've accumulated beer from Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangkok and South Korea (no Polish ones, alas, although those are the best ones I've ever had).

My collection of liquor is a lot better. I try to buy a liquor that originates from each country I go to, and then some. So far, I have various types of Polish vodkas, original Mexican tequila, Korean Jinro, Chinese wine, Japanese sake, and even Sarawakian tuak (home-brewed ones!).

Big bottles, small bottles, all also I got. An alcoholic breaking into my room would have a lot of fun drinking them all, though he would probably be so drunk he'd think my action-figures were attacking him.

Not that I drink THAT much though. In fact, I just keep those bottles unopened and untouched, and just admire them from afar.

Ok, I drink SOME of it (the tequila's almost gone) but most of it is unopened. I swear.

Anyway, what else do I collect? Well, the usual suspects like stamps and first day covers, I've been keeping since I was a small kid. Then there are my coins, postcards, coasters, wine corks and bottles, bottle caps, badges and buttons, keychains...

Oh dear, I DO seem to have a lot of junk, don't I? Anyone wanna buy some keychains?

PS: will post pictures later. Camera ran out of battery...

Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Shameless Promo for Bumi Tengah

Begin Shameless Promo

My LOTR/blogger parody at BUMI TENGAH is finally set to kick off soon... just as soon I have enough time to actually sit down and WRITE the damn thing. AND to dust off my action figures so I can take pictures of them in uncompromising positions.

Mind you, I'll probably steal a few ideas from the parody that I did together with Erna and a few other LOTRiens in the LOTRien forums last time, but hopefully I'll be able to write a completely new one instead.

But then again, some of the scenes in the LOTRien parody were too funny NOT to reproduce for a wider audience. Hehe.

Anyway, do stay tuned to Bumi Tengah as I should be launching the first chapter within the week... :-)

In the meantime, do head on over to the blog (if you haven't already done so), as I have a tentative cast up already in a small' trailer/preview' HERE...

Oh, and if you haven't guessed already, I'm too darn lazy (and too busy) to post a proper update right now in the office... maybe later lah...

End Shameless Promo

Monday, 11 July 2005

Feasting on the the King of Fruits

Have been too busy (and sometimes too lazy) too update recently, what with work and a slight state of drunkeness and hangover combined last weekend.

Been a while since I got drunk. I used to say I NEVER got drunk on beer, but after last week, can't ay that anymore. Must be the lack of practise. sigh...

Anyway, I've just spent the last two days recuperating (I took Monday off as well), and eating.. DURIAN!

I love durian. But it's been ages since I've had any, and boy was I happy when my dad went out to buy durian yesterday.

My whole family loves durian. My dad used to own anorchard in Pahang, but now it's sold. Damn.

But I love them best when fresh. THAT's the way to eat durian. I hate durian flavour ice cream and what not, because they can never get the EXACT same taste of Fresh durian...

Spekaing of ice cream, I also love durians when they are left in the freezer, after which they turn out like durian ice cream... yum... I can never understand why people can NOT like durian. Compared to the King of Fruist, every other fruit just seems so... MILD.

Anyway, whenever my dad buys durian, he tends to go overboard and buy a whole TRUNK full of them. And since he also has a good eye for good ones... well, lets just say that yesterday was a real durian feast indeed...

Here's part what my father bought. Mind you, that's not even HALF of what he bought...

Thursday, 7 July 2005

The King of Dreams in all his shaggy-haired glory

I don't have time to post anything longer due to several deadlines, but as promised, here is a picture of the King of Dreams, Neil Gaiman himself, in all his shaggy-haired, leather-jackety glory:

Yes yes, I know these pictures are crap. So sue me....

Wednesday, 6 July 2005

The Anansi Boys Go "Thud!" at A Feast for Crows!

Wow, a book-related post. Must have been EONS since I've come up with one. Some book blog THIS is turning out to be...

Anyway, come September/October this year, three very exciting (well, to ME that is) titles will be coming out, which I will DEFINITELY be picking up in hardcover:

They are:

Terry Pratchett's new Discworld book, Thud! (out in 1 October 2005). YAY!

Next, there's this:

It's George R. R. Martin's long-awaited (and long-grumbled-about) fourth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series: A Feast for Crows (out in 3 October 2005). FINALLY, it's coming out after THREE bloody YEARS since the last one!

And finally, since I've just been converted to Gaiman-dom, I'm also looking forward to THIS:

It's Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys, a 'sort-of' sequel to American Gods (but not quite). It's gonna be out in September 20th, so I guess better read American Gods before that...

Can't wait for these books to come out. Ooh boy ooh boy.

Oh, and then there's THIS bloody book coming out later this month:

Whoopie. I can feel my excitement being flushed down the toilet....

Tuesday, 5 July 2005

One Foot Away from The King of Dreams

Caution! Much gloating abounds in the realm of this post. All readers are required to bow down to superiority (and idiocy) of the writer, or be forever haunted by nightmares of floating eyes shopping in Mid Valley forever!!!! GYAHAHAHA!

Am back in work. Darn.

Well, TECHNICALLY I was already at work yesterday in Singapore, but considering it was part of my holiday, and I was meeting NEIL GAIMAN, I'd say that today's the 'official' day I'm back at work. Heh.

Anyway, Gaiman is COOOOOL. Very cool to talk to. It was quite fun in the press conference. When he answered questions, it was in full, articulate sentences (unlike some celebrities who just tend to grunt monosyllabic PR 'quotes'), and told interesting stories about writing the books and comics and making Mirrormask.

Oh, and I was sitting ONE FOOT away in front of Gaiman during the press conference. Could reach out and steal his sunglasses if I wanted to. Or his leather jacket. Or give him a haircut. He DOES need a haircut.

Being the only idiot there who had NOT read any of his comics (besides a last minute speed-reading cum 'research' attempt on 'The High Cost of Living'), I was glad I knew enough of him to handle the barrage of comic-based questions there. Of course, having read only Good Omens and loving it to bits, my only considerable contribution to the questioning was:

"How was it like writing Good Omens with Terry Pratchett? Did you become funnier or did he become more morbid as a result?"

Yes, yes, laugh it up. Sitting one foot away from Neil Gaiman and coming up with THAT question. So sue me.

But then, he DID give a very interesting answer to it. Wanna know what it was? Wait for the story to come out lar! :-)

Anyway, will post a picture of him later. I don't have it with me now. Just like I didn't have ANY books for him to sign during the press conference. GAH! One FOOT away from him and NOTHING for him to sign except a farking piece of A4 paper! GAAAAAH!

Oh well. At least I WAS one foot away from him. Maybe I'll be able to write better fiction now, having basked in his aura for all of 45 minutes.

Oh, we also had a sneak preview of Mirrormask, which looks brilliant and absolutely surreal. Hope it comes here. But then again, I doubt it very much.

Talking to Gaiman has piqued my curiosity towards his books - immediately after the PC, I went to Borders and bought Coraline AND Sandman #1. And now I'm hooked. DAMN!

Anyway, can't reveal anymore, but DO keep an eye out for the feature on Gaiman later to know more. Hehe.

Update (6:12pm): Check out Gaiman's own description of the day in his OWN blog here: Took off to the Land of Nod. Thank god I was at the EARLIER book signing.

Saturday, 2 July 2005

Fame, The Blogosphere, and Everything: Was it worth it?


It was just a story. But the aftermath makes me wonder whether it was worth it.

One gets hate mail.

Another gets sites dedicated to flaming him

Yet another gets email from upset parents and death threats in her comments.

The last one... well, here's hoping he's the exception. Or it would be a really sad state of affairs indeed.

I remember asking beforehand whether they were sure they wanted to go through with it. And they agreed. They knew the potential consequences. And I have to say that they handled it amiably, each in his or her own way.

Personally, I kinda regret all the aggravation it's caused them. And in a way, I feel partially responsible for the aftermath as well.

Some things could have been written differently. Some things could have been done differently. And maybe better.

But it's done now. No turning back. We've all got to live with it. And in a way, it has opened up all sorts of doors for this little world of ours, and it has also revealed other aspects of it.

Was it worth it?

In a way, yes. Because it takes something like this to shake things up, and make people see what the fuss is all about. No fame, no gain.

Are we ready for this sort of exposure?

Maybe, maybe not. It's a long way to go for this little world of ours, but heck, all the diversity, all the adversity, and all those different opinions about one single subject is what makes it so fun, eh?

Blog on, people. Blog on.

What I do (and don't) do across the Causeway

(Visitor, ok, ok, I wont say anything about having sex in here... oops. I just did. Gyahaha!)

Since I'm here in Singapore and I'm blogging, I guess it's safe to say I don't go out much. In fact, what I do and DON'T do in Singapore is rather predictable, by my standards that is.

It's no secret I don't really like coming here. If it wasn't for my larling being here, I doubt I'd be here this often. But anyway, since I'm here, I might as well find something to do, right?

Blogging about not having anythign to do is a start...

Firstly, here's what I DON'T do while I'm here:
  1. Take a walk around to admire all the wonderful HDB flats (Yippee.)
  2. Clubbing (bloody hell, I don't even go clubbing in KL, and you expect me to go 'wet' in a place where everything costs double to a Malaysian?)
  3. Go for a drink. (Beer too expensive here.)
  4. Go to Sentosa Island. (Gah.)
  5. Spend bloody SGD6.50 on a plate of chicken rice that tastes like it was made by Russians.
Now, what I actually DO do (doo doo, heh) in Singapore is usually quite predictable:
  1. Go 'pak tor'-ing
  2. Go Borders and lepak for a whole day
  3. Visit all Toys R' Us in vicinity to look for action figures that may not have been released in Malaysia (or are completely sold out).
  4. Visit all specialty toy shops in vicinity to yada yada yada...
  5. Go visit the little shop at the Esplanade which sells movie posters.
  6. Go to the zoo (ok, I only did this ONCE, and I won't do it again in the near future)
  7. Complain about the inferiority of the food here as compared to Malaysian food.
  8. Jump on MRT and get lost (but have to make sure EZ-link card got enough money first)
  9. Go Kinokuniya and lepak all day.
  10. Get dragged to go shopping by larling.
  11. Sit around and vegetate.
  12. Watch movies
  13. Watch TV
  14. Sleep.
See? I DO lead a fulfilling life when I'm in Singapore. And it usually doesn't involve me spending more than SGD10 a day (unless I'm going shopping or toy hunting, of course....)

Damn, now I feel an urge to rush back and eat the chicken rice in Taman Melawati...

(Update: I seem to remember blogging an entry that was exactly like this one on my last trip here.... Sigh... watudu? I guess being in the country just sucks up my creativity...)

Friday, 1 July 2005

South of the Border in Three and a Half Hours

Am currently in Singapore visiting my larling. The bus I took today was damn fast. It took under four hours to get from Bangsar to the Second Link in JB. Wahlau.

Bloody bus driver seems to have a penchant for B-Grade English and Cantonese movies though. Lucky I had my iPod Shuffle to keep me entertained.

Anyway, I'll be here for four days, so if there are no updates, it's because I'm busy with certain activities.

Hur hur.

Oh, and it REALLY isn't a coincidence that I will only be going back on Monday evening, and Neil Gaiman is holding a press conference on Monday morning.... Hehe...