Wednesday, 13 July 2005

A Collection-Obsession Confession

A certain friend said the other day that I collect things obsessively. Well, I probably do.

Actually, my 'collections' border on hoarding more than collecting, because I 'collect' anything that seems cool to me at the time.

One of my biggest collections, is of course, books. I have so many books, and keep buying so many that I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I may never ever finish reading all the books I have. PayLess is both a heaven sent and devil's apple for someone like me - a person who buys books by the dozen and just HAVE to have every single book in a series, even though I may have read it three times before.

Another of my obsession are my toys and action figures. My room is full of them. My desk at work nearly overflowed with them once. I have shelves and cabinets full of them.

I started collecting toys two years back when Erna lured me into Ultimate Toys in Amcorp Mall to get her Lord of The Rings action figures. I decided to buy a set as well, which consisted of Faramir, Legolas, Gandalf and Aragorn. And I've been hooked ever since.

In fact, at one point, I got so addicted to buying toys that I bought one every other week, spending almost thousands within a year reclaiming my childhood.

I bought them all - Transformers, LOTR, Marvel Legends, Minimates, and expensive statues - so much that I was broke half the time. My most expensive acquisition has to be a RM1400 sword - Anduril... Don't ask me how I got it though, I'm sworn to secrecy about it.

I still buy them now, but I've since stopped being so obsessive. No money leh. Transformers damn expensive wan woi.

Besides books and toys, there are also a few other things I collect, somewhat less obsessively, but no less expensive, come to think of it.

For one, I collect beers and spirits from each country or city I've visited. So far, I've accumulated beer from Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangkok and South Korea (no Polish ones, alas, although those are the best ones I've ever had).

My collection of liquor is a lot better. I try to buy a liquor that originates from each country I go to, and then some. So far, I have various types of Polish vodkas, original Mexican tequila, Korean Jinro, Chinese wine, Japanese sake, and even Sarawakian tuak (home-brewed ones!).

Big bottles, small bottles, all also I got. An alcoholic breaking into my room would have a lot of fun drinking them all, though he would probably be so drunk he'd think my action-figures were attacking him.

Not that I drink THAT much though. In fact, I just keep those bottles unopened and untouched, and just admire them from afar.

Ok, I drink SOME of it (the tequila's almost gone) but most of it is unopened. I swear.

Anyway, what else do I collect? Well, the usual suspects like stamps and first day covers, I've been keeping since I was a small kid. Then there are my coins, postcards, coasters, wine corks and bottles, bottle caps, badges and buttons, keychains...

Oh dear, I DO seem to have a lot of junk, don't I? Anyone wanna buy some keychains?

PS: will post pictures later. Camera ran out of battery...

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