Monday, 18 July 2005

Eyeris and the The Early Morning Blues

God I hate waking up early in the morning.

And I hate coming to the office early even MORE.

It's 7:30am, and I'm the first one in the office. Had to turn on the lights myself because the first person doesn't usually come in until at least 9:30am.

Here's what happened:

5:45am: Alarm rang. Turned it off for first snooze.
5:55am: Alarm rang again. Turned it off again, for second snooze.
6:05am: Third time alarm ringing. Pondered getting up for a while, decided I still had time, and snoozed it again.
6:15am: No delaying it this time. Get up, go mandi.
6:40am: Drive out of house.
6:50am: Manage to get pass Jalan Tun Razak jam before it started building up. Yippee!
7:00am: Reach office. Made coffee. Sat around drinking coffee.
7:15am: Prepared questions for my interview at 9-freaking-a.m.
7:25am: Decided to rearrange desk. Toys getting crowded. Books all over place.
7:30am: Blogged.

Sigh, I hate getting up early. Thank god I don't have to do this everyday of the week.. unlike.. er... most of you out there... tee hee hee (typical of me eh, to gloat even after all that? :P)

Will update again later... off for breakfast now and then to assignment!

Have a good Monday! (Heh, RIGHT.)

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