Saturday, 16 July 2005

The Face behind the Blog: Eyeris Exposed! (well, sort of)

I don't usually post pictures of myself on the blog, but just the other day, a camera-happy coleague of mine decided to take a few shots of me drinking coffee, for what reason, I don't know why. I think she just likes taking pictures.

Oh well, she's a pretty good photographer, so I decided what the heck. But not after she took a few shots of me giving the one finger salute first though.

I don't like taking pictures much. Pictures of myself always turn out bad, and make me look really skinny (which I am, but I don't need to be reminded of that), or really stupid (which I'm NOT, or at least I like to think so).

Anyway, I have to admit that the pictures DID turn out pretty well. Therefore, I've decided that since she is probably the only person who has ever taken a decent photo of me (ie: one that doesn't make me look stupid or too skinny), I shall pay tribute to her skills with a camera by putting the following photo here on my blog.

So, in case you've ever wondered what Eyeris looks like (those who have never met me, that is), here is part of me:

Of all the shots, I kinda like this one best. And yup, that's a cup of coffee I'm holding.

Oh, and in case you didn't like that picture, well, here's what I think of THAT...

Yes, I have gnarly fingers, so sue me. Oh, and BTW, to the camera-girl.... thanks! :-)

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