Saturday, 2 July 2005

Fame, The Blogosphere, and Everything: Was it worth it?


It was just a story. But the aftermath makes me wonder whether it was worth it.

One gets hate mail.

Another gets sites dedicated to flaming him

Yet another gets email from upset parents and death threats in her comments.

The last one... well, here's hoping he's the exception. Or it would be a really sad state of affairs indeed.

I remember asking beforehand whether they were sure they wanted to go through with it. And they agreed. They knew the potential consequences. And I have to say that they handled it amiably, each in his or her own way.

Personally, I kinda regret all the aggravation it's caused them. And in a way, I feel partially responsible for the aftermath as well.

Some things could have been written differently. Some things could have been done differently. And maybe better.

But it's done now. No turning back. We've all got to live with it. And in a way, it has opened up all sorts of doors for this little world of ours, and it has also revealed other aspects of it.

Was it worth it?

In a way, yes. Because it takes something like this to shake things up, and make people see what the fuss is all about. No fame, no gain.

Are we ready for this sort of exposure?

Maybe, maybe not. It's a long way to go for this little world of ours, but heck, all the diversity, all the adversity, and all those different opinions about one single subject is what makes it so fun, eh?

Blog on, people. Blog on.

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