Monday, 25 July 2005

The Graphic Novel Unaddiction U-turn

A few thousand posts back, I wrote about how I didn't really read graphic novels in this post here: My Graphic Novel Unaddiction.

Unfortunately, it's one of those posts that I might eventually have to eat, because since then, I've bought a few graphic novels already, and am planning to buy more and more... Sigh...

I'm attributing this sudden fascination with graphic novels (or comics, whatever) to me meeting Neil Gaiman, which inspired me to go and buy and read comics.

Ok, not in comics per se, but certain WRITERS of comics. People like Gaiman, Alan Moore, Frank Miller and so on.

So far, since I wrote the above-mentioned post, I've bought Miller's Sin City and Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. After meeting Gaiman, I went to buy two of his Sandman books, and read his Marvel 1602 book (which I thought was great as well); and on Friday while browsing through Kinokuniya, I couldn't resist the bright yellow cover of Moore's Watchmen.

Now, this post is gonna be about Watchmen. Well, in brief that is. Not gonna do a whole review of the book (I'll leave THAT to The Visitor), but just what I thought of it.

I thought it was pretty damn brilliant.

It's a great story. It takes costumed 'superheroes' and make them human. It makes you think, provokes you to FEEL, and it bloody COMPELS you to keep going back to it and flipping through it even though you'd finished it the day before.

I'd read Gaiman's first two Sandman compilations before Watchmen, and now I can understand why Gaiman said a lot of his early work was Moore-inspired. How can you NOT be inspired by a piece of writing as layered and as complex, yet so utterly compelling as Watchmen?

No WONDER the movie project has stalled for so long. How do you adapt something like Watchmen and STILL keep the essence, the atmosphere and the SPIRIT of the whole thing? If done badly, it'll turn out to be as horrid as LXG.

(The Visitor would beg to differ though. He says it CAN be adapted, the studio just needs to hire HIM to write the screenplay.)

Anyway, to go back to the overall topic of graphic novels, I'm currently hungry for more. Before Watchmen, I'd also read Gaiman's Marvel 1602 after I came back, and I thought it was pretty damn good as well. And so was Frank Miller's Sin City (The Hard Goodbye).

Next on my list is Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, the rest of his Sin City books, the other Gaiman books, and a whole lot more others. Heck, I want to read them all!

But I'm broke.


Anyone can lend me some? :-)

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