Friday, 22 July 2005

The Hamdak and the Lamest Jokes on Earth

Once upon a time, an old friend (let's call him V, shall we? FYI, and he's NOT The Visitor) and I decided to tease another mutual friend (Update: Not V, BTW) by calling him a 'Hamdak', which is sort of like a cross between a Hamster and a Badak (rhino). Don't ask why, it's too long a story.

Anyway, one day, we were having supper together (this was a long time ago, BTW, when I used to go out for supper almost EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and sit around calling people Hamdak), me and V decided to make up a series of REALLY STUPID and somewhat LAME jokes about Hamdaks.

I was reminded of this episode last night when talking to a friend about puns and lame jokes, and because it's one of those things that you don't wanna forget, I decided to reproduce some of the 'jokes' here so that I won't forget them again.

Anyway, here are the 'jokes', and if you don't find them remotely funny, I understand, because some of them really ARE extremely lame. But at the time, it seemed REALLY REALLY FUNNY, especially after two glasses of Nescafe Tarik Besar Kao.

So.. here they are, the lamest jokes on earth!

1) What do you call an unhatched Hamdak?


3) What do you call a vegetarian Hamdak?


4) What do you call a Hamdak Porno movie?


5) What do you call a smelly Hamdak?


6) What do you call Hamdak biscuit?


7) What do you call a cursed Hamdak?


PS: Sorry for the lame ass jokes. hey I thought they were funny. and they ARE original compositions after all... haha

PSS.. and sorry to those who don't understand Cantonese too...

PSSS... BTW, if you want a REALLY good laugh (and a somewhat disturbing one too, go over the The Visitor's site and check out his movie posters... HERE and HERE)

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