Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Lego-men, Lego-men, does whatever other toys can...


Heck, I grew up with Lego. I had more Lego blocks while I was a kid than any other toy. Which was kinda cool, actually, since I could basically do ANYTHING with it.

I used the Lego to build characters and vehicles from Transformers, Voltron, the cheesy puppet-show Die-X thingy, Starcom, MASK, and all the other 80's cartoons I love so much, since the actual toys were always so expensive that my parents would refuse to buy them.

I wonder why they had no qualms with buying Lego for me though.

No matter. What matters is that I LOVE Lego because of that. Other kids grew up with actual Transformer robots that transformed, while the ones I made from Lego had to be taken apart brick by brick and reassembled into their robot modes.

Sure, I had SOME Transformers toys as well (a sore point for me, since I accidently broke off the head of my original G1 Optimus Prime. If only I knew how much it would be worth today.... Oh well...)

Anyway, the point of this post (and I do have one) is that I love Lego (how many times have I said that already?). I loved the way they fitted together in everyway possible, I loved the way the Lego-men could er.... do nothing but er... bend over, and I loved fixing things together and BREAKING THEM and then fixing them up again.

Lego was cool. All the psychedlic colours were cool. Other kids' Bumblebee Transformer only came in Yellow and Black, MINE was RAINBOW-COLOURED.

I also used to drive my dad crazy by strewing the Lego ALL OVER THE FLOOR, and casuing him to step on one stray one. When that happened, I would REALLY get it.

Well, not really. The worst punishment I ever got from my father was not any sort of beating or scolding. It was him confiscating my Lego for a WEEK. I cried a lot during that week. That's how much I loved my Lego. :-(

Of course I craved other toys at the time, I was a kid after all (and I'm making up for that now, with all tht toys I'm buying NOW) but come to think of it, I don't regret NOT having those other toys then, because my Lego was all I needed.

I WOULD like to think that all that building playing with Lego made me more creative as a person, but who am I kidding? All I made were un-colour-coordinated Transformers and Starcom ships anyway. What's so creative about THAT?

Anyway, I digress again. I am supposed to be saying (for the fourth, or is it fifth time?) that I LOVE my Lego, and I'm currently contemplating buying a few sets of Lego for the heck of it, and also to build a city diorama for my Marvel & DC Minimate mini-figures to fight in.

Kinda like THIS little one I have here:

and here:

Now, imagine a nice little Lego display with buildings like police stations, fire stations and what not, with ALL THESE little superhero figures jumping around them...


I feel like a kid again just thinking about it.

However, you need MONEY to get that much Lego. And unfortunately, merely loving Lego is not gonna get me any... WAAAA!


PS: BTW, Anyone have any old Lego sets they wanna sell for cheap? :-)

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