Thursday, 21 July 2005

Much Ado about Nothing.... My Final Say

This is gonna be my final say on the bloody fuss about nothing but which NEARLY caused something.

MY counter-measures neither blew up the whole thing, nor did it make thigns worse.

While it didn't exactly make things better either, the bright side of it coming out was that even if other mediums come out with it now, MY measures will ensure that it has ALREADY been reported, and the SIZE and actual news-worthyness of it all was really just worthy of a tiny blurb at the bottom of page 29.

and to make things better, even THAT was overshadowed by another cover story about the business-side of this online medium, which put us in an even BETTER light.

SO THERE you go. The ultimate proof that it really WAS all a big fuss over nothing.

But that doesn't excuse YOU (you know who you are!) from doing it again! It could have been so, so much worse...

Regular blog transmission will resume later...

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