Tuesday, 5 July 2005

One Foot Away from The King of Dreams

Caution! Much gloating abounds in the realm of this post. All readers are required to bow down to superiority (and idiocy) of the writer, or be forever haunted by nightmares of floating eyes shopping in Mid Valley forever!!!! GYAHAHAHA!

Am back in work. Darn.

Well, TECHNICALLY I was already at work yesterday in Singapore, but considering it was part of my holiday, and I was meeting NEIL GAIMAN, I'd say that today's the 'official' day I'm back at work. Heh.

Anyway, Gaiman is COOOOOL. Very cool to talk to. It was quite fun in the press conference. When he answered questions, it was in full, articulate sentences (unlike some celebrities who just tend to grunt monosyllabic PR 'quotes'), and told interesting stories about writing the books and comics and making Mirrormask.

Oh, and I was sitting ONE FOOT away in front of Gaiman during the press conference. Could reach out and steal his sunglasses if I wanted to. Or his leather jacket. Or give him a haircut. He DOES need a haircut.

Being the only idiot there who had NOT read any of his comics (besides a last minute speed-reading cum 'research' attempt on 'The High Cost of Living'), I was glad I knew enough of him to handle the barrage of comic-based questions there. Of course, having read only Good Omens and loving it to bits, my only considerable contribution to the questioning was:

"How was it like writing Good Omens with Terry Pratchett? Did you become funnier or did he become more morbid as a result?"

Yes, yes, laugh it up. Sitting one foot away from Neil Gaiman and coming up with THAT question. So sue me.

But then, he DID give a very interesting answer to it. Wanna know what it was? Wait for the story to come out lar! :-)

Anyway, will post a picture of him later. I don't have it with me now. Just like I didn't have ANY books for him to sign during the press conference. GAH! One FOOT away from him and NOTHING for him to sign except a farking piece of A4 paper! GAAAAAH!

Oh well. At least I WAS one foot away from him. Maybe I'll be able to write better fiction now, having basked in his aura for all of 45 minutes.

Oh, we also had a sneak preview of Mirrormask, which looks brilliant and absolutely surreal. Hope it comes here. But then again, I doubt it very much.

Talking to Gaiman has piqued my curiosity towards his books - immediately after the PC, I went to Borders and bought Coraline AND Sandman #1. And now I'm hooked. DAMN!

Anyway, can't reveal anymore, but DO keep an eye out for the feature on Gaiman later to know more. Hehe.

Update (6:12pm): Check out Gaiman's own description of the day in his OWN blog here: Took off to the Land of Nod. Thank god I was at the EARLIER book signing.

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