Wednesday, 20 July 2005

A Riddled Explanation of The Storm

The Visitor was right. I'm gonna explain the past two days events in riddles again, because it just isn't worth being too specific sometimes.

A certain someone did something which could have affected the community (and indirectly, myself too), so yesterday, I was scrambling to try and contain some of the repercussions.

Never mind that the thing is now gone (for now), never mind that nothing big happened (yet). It has been done, and we all have to live with the consequences when they arrive.

If anyone asks what the big deal of it was, I'd say the action alone is not a big deal. We see the same thing day in and day out after all.

HOWEVER, the PLACE it was put in, AND the co-subject made it a whole different can of worms. If it was anyone else besides that co-subject, it would probably NOT have caused such a ruckus, and no one on the outside would know about it.

But it WAS that person. And now the oft-maligned medium has picked up on it.

It's easy to rant and rave about how freedom of speech is being denied, or how people are controling what you say, but most people really do not think about the bigger picture.

Like it or not, when you're safe in your own little place, you are safe to do what you want. But when people OUTSIDE start catching on and intend to play up the negativity of the action, then the consequences can reach a lot further than one thinks.

When you're just one person, you can rant and rave all you want. But when something crops up that could well affect the ENTIRE community and hinder its progress, then you'll have to step back and wonder whether you were right to say what you want.

I was in a dillema yesterday. I had to save my own skin, but also had to help my friends. I had to do my job, but I had to do it in a way that was NOT too damaging to the community.

As luck would have it, the storm has not passed. Tomorrow, we shall see if the storm becomes a hurricane.

Because I know for sure that MY so-called 'damage-control' method IS coming out, and there is no stopping it. Whether it will make things worse or make neutralise the furore, I can't tell.

Either way, the truth will be coming out, in one medium or another. I tried my best to soften the blow, but it is still gonna be a pretty hard punch.

It is inevitable. So be prepared, ok?

Oh, and to the person at the center of the storm: Everyone makes mistakes, and it's learning from these mistakes that make you a better person. Whether or not you bounce back from a mistake depends on how much you care about what you do.

Ride out the storm, dude. And try to bounce back. Everyone goes through bad patches.

That said, if you EVER put me through all that again and I will personally fly over there and kick your ass! :-)

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