Thursday, 28 July 2005

Tie Tying Tiredness

I'm tired. Tired because besides tryingto finish the REST of my work, I also have to do a bloody story on TIES.

TIES of all things.

I bloody HATE wearing ties. Ties are probably the most pointless and....FLOPPY pieces of clothing one could wear.

I can wear shirts and jackets, but when it comes to ties, I just bloody HATE them. I mean, what is the POINT of ties? At least BELTS can hold your pants up. Ties? The only thing they might be good for is if you wanted to strangle someone to death. Or as kinky bondage accesories (Whatever gets you off I guess).

I hate the way they flop around, getting in your soup when you're reaching over for more char siew, I hate trying to tie the damn things properly so the back bit doesn't end up longer than the short one, and so that the front bit is not so long that it points directly to your crotch.

When I was doing sales once (in a distant past when I was rather desperate for money), I had to wear a tie EVERY SINGLE DAY. I really hated going to work then. Ok, I didn't mine the WORK so much at the time, but I hated PREPARING for work, because I'd have to go through the hassle of TYING THE BLOODY TIE.

I was so bad at tying ties that when FINALLY one day I got the EXACT length of the tie correct, I never untied the knot EVER, and wore that tie for WEEKS until it stank.

Why DO peopel wear ties anyway? Because they need to look 'professional'? Because their company FORCED them to? To look hensem-er? To impress their bosses? To overcompensate for the size of er... other things?

Heck, does ANYONE ELSE think that ties are really pointless anyway? Does ANYONE still think they are necessary anymore?

That said, when a GIRL wears a tie, it looks rather sexy, to tell the truth. Especially when it's with a white shirt..


Now imagine if Angelina Jolie was wearing that outfit...



Ok, that's enough fantasizing. My point here (and as usual, I don't really HAVE one), is to find out what people REALLY think about wearing ties.

I know what I think about them. I bloody HATE them. So THERE!

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