Tuesday, 26 July 2005


This is what happens when you drink too much coffee in one go:

1) You wake up
2) Get a little hyperactive
3) Feel a bit nauseous
4) Wanna puke
5) Go drink more coffee

Ok, that's what happens when I drink too much coffee in one go. It started yesterday when I was in the office. I made a cup of Nescafe, drank it really really fast while at work, and then decided that it tasted so good that I just HAD to have another cup. So I made another, drank THAT one really really fast as well, and felt really hyper after that.

Then, I went out for an errand, passed a San Francisco Coffee outlet, and just HAD to go in and get another drink.

So that was THREE cups of coffee within two hours.

Later yesterday, I drank another cup of Nescafe.

That's when I began to feel nauseous and decided I HAD to stop drinking so much coffee.

So much for THAT idea. This morning I went for another assignment, and they had a coffee machine that made really good coffee. And being early in the morning, I was groggy and needed coffee to wake me up so I could work properly.

So I drank another two cups in quick succesion.

And amd now at SF Coffee KLCC.

I feel like puking now.


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