Thursday, 14 July 2005

What do YOU do after work?

What do most people do after work? Do they join the jams in KL and hang out in their cars, ogling girls in officewear in the other cars? Do they go and sardine it in the LRT?

Some people go to gym, some people go jogging, some people go watch movies, some go shopping, some go drinking or clubbing, and some just stay at work and work some more, is probably why they have no lives.

Personally, since I usually get to work rather late, and go home late as a result (flexible hours mar), I tend to wait around until 8pm before heading home, so the roads will be clear by then.

Before I got my laptop, I'd hang out in coffee joints and READ instead. But now, since I got my laptop, my favorite pastime now is hanging out in coffee joints surfing and blogging and ownloading por... er... illegal mp3s... er.. no, no... doing research! Yes, that's it.

Which explains why I'm currently so far behind on my book reviews now.

Nowadays, my after-office hours are getting kinda dull, so I'm trying to find other more ways to spend my after-office hours though. Besides hanging out in coffee joints or playing badminton, I mean.

Any suggestions?

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