Saturday, 2 July 2005

What I do (and don't) do across the Causeway

(Visitor, ok, ok, I wont say anything about having sex in here... oops. I just did. Gyahaha!)

Since I'm here in Singapore and I'm blogging, I guess it's safe to say I don't go out much. In fact, what I do and DON'T do in Singapore is rather predictable, by my standards that is.

It's no secret I don't really like coming here. If it wasn't for my larling being here, I doubt I'd be here this often. But anyway, since I'm here, I might as well find something to do, right?

Blogging about not having anythign to do is a start...

Firstly, here's what I DON'T do while I'm here:
  1. Take a walk around to admire all the wonderful HDB flats (Yippee.)
  2. Clubbing (bloody hell, I don't even go clubbing in KL, and you expect me to go 'wet' in a place where everything costs double to a Malaysian?)
  3. Go for a drink. (Beer too expensive here.)
  4. Go to Sentosa Island. (Gah.)
  5. Spend bloody SGD6.50 on a plate of chicken rice that tastes like it was made by Russians.
Now, what I actually DO do (doo doo, heh) in Singapore is usually quite predictable:
  1. Go 'pak tor'-ing
  2. Go Borders and lepak for a whole day
  3. Visit all Toys R' Us in vicinity to look for action figures that may not have been released in Malaysia (or are completely sold out).
  4. Visit all specialty toy shops in vicinity to yada yada yada...
  5. Go visit the little shop at the Esplanade which sells movie posters.
  6. Go to the zoo (ok, I only did this ONCE, and I won't do it again in the near future)
  7. Complain about the inferiority of the food here as compared to Malaysian food.
  8. Jump on MRT and get lost (but have to make sure EZ-link card got enough money first)
  9. Go Kinokuniya and lepak all day.
  10. Get dragged to go shopping by larling.
  11. Sit around and vegetate.
  12. Watch movies
  13. Watch TV
  14. Sleep.
See? I DO lead a fulfilling life when I'm in Singapore. And it usually doesn't involve me spending more than SGD10 a day (unless I'm going shopping or toy hunting, of course....)

Damn, now I feel an urge to rush back and eat the chicken rice in Taman Melawati...

(Update: I seem to remember blogging an entry that was exactly like this one on my last trip here.... Sigh... watudu? I guess being in the country just sucks up my creativity...)

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