Tuesday, 9 August 2005

The Consequences of Goofing Off and not Working

BLOODY HELL. It's bloody eleven thirty in the night, and I'm STILL in the office.

Just finished a story, meeting ONE of my deadlines, and now I'm gonna just shoot off a fast post here to explain why I won't be updating long long posts for the next few days, before I go home and tidur.

You see, I've been goofing off a little the past two weeks, and work is catching up with me. Bloody hell, shouldn't have spent the whole of last Sunday chatting on the Bloggersaremorons tagboard and taking pictures of Darth Tater.

Therefore, I have resolved to fulfill the following objectives, by hook or by crook:
  • Meet at least FOUR deadlines this week. (Boss bugging me all the time now. WORK WORK WORK!)
  • Finish at least TWO book reviews this week. (Erna is making me look bad on this aspect)
  • Go home EARLIER next week (or at least don't stay in the OFFICE so late)
  • Drink less coffee next week (bloody three cups a day right now)

Ciao, people. I'm gonna go home now. Hope I don't get lost in the haze...

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