Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Herbie and the Fully-Loaded Cheese-Fest

Sorry about the last post. That post just came about while I was online last night and someone told me something that prompted me to write that 'poem'. Just me being somewhat sentimental and semi-mental at the same time.

Anyway, I was feeling a bit run-down this morning (I came to the office at 7am to finish a story), so I decided to hop off for a bit to go watch Lindsay Lohan (in all her digitally-reduced-boob glory) driving race cars (or rather, a race Bug), in the movie Herbie: Fully Loaded.

First of all, let me say that this is a DISNEY movie, so you can expect a lot of cheese (not the chedder type), a lot of fluff (not the pillow type), some cheap slapstick jokes, and lots of feel-good scenes of people jumping for joy, laughing, and well, generally feeling good.

It's well.... er... FUN. Well it is. It IS a Disney movie after all, and Disney is essentially very much like a photocopy machine/studio that comes up with the same kind of movies with the same old feel-good cheese all the time. All these movies cater for kids and families, and have use the same formula over and over again.

But heck, the only reason I was watching Herbie was BECAUSE I knew what was gonna happen, and BECAUSE it is light fluff where I don't have to feel any other emotion besides... well, GOOD.

Anyway, what saved this movie from being REALLY REALLY BAD? (It IS slightly bad, but tolerable. Unlke that Stealth movie).

Lindsay Lohan is cute. She can't act very well, but she's cute. And what is better than a cute chick in a movie is a cute chick driving a race car. Yeah, she drives a stock car. And climbs into the car through the window while wearing a MINI-SKIRT. Woohoo.

Plus her boobs may have been digitally reduced (or so they say), but I think they ran out of budget halfway through the process.

Ok, another reason - Herbie is a cute car. VW Bugs have always been one of my favorite cars, because they just look so... er... rotound and cute. And watching Herbie putter around reminded me of MY little Ond Civic last time. Plus car races in movies are always cool (even if the one in this movie was rather far-fetched).

As for the rest of the movie... well... the less said about the cheesy dialogue, wooden acting and the cringe-worthy characters, the better...

So... in the end:

Lindsay Lohan + Volkswagen Bug = Good.

Michael Keaton and Matt Dillon in full-on family-fare mode = Bad

Overall rating for Herbie: Fully Loaded = Well, go watch it with your kids.

Or watch it when there's nothing else but Stealth to watch.

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