Tuesday, 16 August 2005

I Solemnly Swear not to Swear... Too much.

Foreword: This is a post inspired by Fashionasia's post HERE about how she wishes blogs would swear less. I'm not trying to insult or pinpoint anyone here, but I DO reckon this is gonna get quite a few people swearing at ME as well... Oh, sod it. Here goes:

First of all, let me get something straight. Everybody swears. Whether it's mild or strong is beside the point. EVERYONE swears and one point or another. It's a natural reflex.

I swear a lot as well. I use the F-word, the T-word, the A-word and I also swear in five different languages and dialects, depending on the situations. My middle finger has also been given quite a workout in recent weeks, so much that I even resort to the V-sign instead, for variety, and to give the middle finger some company.

HOWEVER, if there's one place where I try NOT to swear too much, it's on this blog.

God knows I swear too much in real life already. No need to do that on my blog. Besides, while I DO believe that swearing out loud is only a natural reaction, it's completely different when you WRITE swear words.

When one writes, you have all the time in the world to think of how best to phrase your frustrations. Adding a swear word is only the easy way out. Of course, it all depends on the context of your post/story/rant. In some cases, a few swear words peppered around the text adds a little spice to the story.

But when a swear word is added just for the sake of it, then it just seems a little out of place. Even a post that is supposed to be funny can lose its humour when there is just ONE swear word in it, let alone when it is PEPPERED with them.

While the F-word or the K-abreviation sounds absolutely fabulous when screamed out loud at a marauding Kancil shooting out of a T-Junction without a signal, when the words are put down in writing, it just cheapens the writing somehow. It diminishes the standard of the writing.

Yes, I DO tend to be very particular about this subject. So I'm an elitist, sue me. But I'd rather read good writing about ROTI CANAI, over silly posts full of Hokkien abreviations swearing about a certain female minister.

Nevertheless, I'm not trying to force anyone to stop swearing on their blogs or anything. After all, it's YOUR blog, so do what you want with it. Furthermore, for some blogs, such as F**kstress' (now THERE'S a chick who can swear with style. Well, most of the time), the swearing is already part of her blog-character, and is what attracts peopel to her blog, so to ask HER to STOP swearing would actually diminish the blog somewhat. (Although I DO believe that she CAN write, and would LOVE to see a post where she DOESN'T swear at all, just to see how it reads.)

What I'm trying to pledge here is, I'm gonna try my best NOT to use any strong language on this blog. Call me a prude if you want, but I just don't see the NEED to use so much strong language in my blog, when a sentence phrased properly, can accomplish so much more.

Of course, I'll still use words like 'Bloody' or 'dammit' or 'hell' or 'pissed' or even 'ass', but that's about it, and can be considered MILD compared to some other blogs out there. In fact, besides that picture of me giving the V-sign, I think I've only used the F-word ONCE in my posts before when I was REALLY pissed off at something, and even THAT post was pulled, for various reasons (not because of the F-word).

Look, I'm no saint either, and it's not my place to be telling everyone not to swear so much. Your blog, your call. I'll just choose not to go there so often.

But BLOODY HELL, can't you BLOODY show a GODDAMNED bit of restraint sometimes?

Go on. Swear at me. Make my day.


(Update: 4:38pm)
The Visitor pointed out to me that lately I've been "getting a bit self-righteous and preachy nowadays lerrr". GAH!

I have, haven't I? I'm in a very rant-y mood these days. Maybe it's the stress. Maybe I'm just pissed off a lot of things these days. Or maybe it's the coffee overdose.

Never mind. I'll add another vow here. I solemnly swear to ignore The Visitor from now on. Heh. Oh, and to be SLIGHTLY less self-righteous and post more pictures of Darth Tater instead.

Doesn't mean I won't rant once in a while though. BLEH! Toink Toink.

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