Thursday, 18 August 2005

Lost in the middle of God-Knows-Where

I just got back from the WORST driving experience I've ever had. FOUR bloody hours TO Kuala Rompin and FOUR bloody hours BACK from Kuala Rompin in the space of 12 hours.

Kill me now.

Then again, don't kill me. I'm just glad to be back in one piece.

Going there in the daytime was actually pretty cool. I passed Kuala Pilah, then Muadzam Shah ( a town somewhere in the heart of Pahang), and finally ended up in Kuala Rompin in four hours flat. I was going flat out 130km/hour almost all the way (hope I didn't get any tickets), and got to see a bit of the Pahang countryside (mostly oil palm trees and cows). Even saw a few tanks (the army was having some kind of training exercise amonst the oil palm trees. It's amazing how their camo outfits really DO blend into the surroundings.)

Anyway, I got there, I finished my assignment in three hours, and it was time to go home.

On hindsight, I proabably should have stayed a night there before coming back.

I TRIED to go back the same way I came, but somewhere along the way, a turning did not have a signboard, (either that or I was going too fast and missed it), and I ended up taking a wrong road.

Yup, thanks to my uncanny sense of direction, I'd managed to get myself lost in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of rural Pahang.

GODAMMIT. I HATE IT when I get lost.

So it was that I was wandering around roads surrounded by oil palm trees, not knowing where the HECK I was. Lost in the middle of bloody nowhere I was. HMPH.

I KNEW I should have taken the road to Temerloh instead. At least it would have been a more familiar place (though slightly further), and I wouldn't be lost in the middle of a god-forsaken place in the middle of the bloody night DURING THE HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL!

Luckily, I managed to get to Segamat just before night fell, and I at least knew where I was. I was FURTHER than I wanted to be, but at least it was a recognisable road. And there were signboards pointing towards Seremban, which was a good sign.

Sow it was, I passed Segamat, got stuck behind a few lorry-balaks (don't you just LOVE being stuck behind lorries on a two lane road?), passed Gemas, nearly took the wrong turning, going to JOHORE instead of Seremban, then bassed Tampin, where I nearly crashed the car into another one because I misjudged the distance while overtaking (Don't worry, nothing happened), and FINALLY, I was saved.

There I was, all tired, weary, tired of driving, needing FOOD, and slightly jittery after that near-crash, when I saw something green and familiar. Yes, after another bloody TWO HOURS of driving on a road I had no CLUE about, I FINALLY found the GREEN signboard leading to the North-South Highway.


Wahlau, you can't imagine how RELIEVED I was to see that signboard. And I was even MORE relieved to see the TOL itself. It was like the Pearly Gates to me. It was like HEAVEN. THAT was how relieved I was.

The rest of the journey on the highway was a breeze, but GODDAMN, someone PLEASE remind me NOT to drive FOUR HOURS into the inner reaches of PAHANG and come back on the SAME DAY again.

Next time, I'm just gonna take the bloody bus.

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