Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Marilah Mari, Kita Berblogging!

Just a quick one before I get back to work...

Minishorts announced HERE that some of us (Minishorts, Vincent, Rakshademon and F**kstress) gonna be blogging in Malay on Merdeka Day.

Uh oh. What have I got myself into? Now, I know I was the one who suggested it, but eh, this is the guy who got a bloody C3 in BM during SPM lar. Some more so long never write BM karangan oledi, how to write a whole post in BM?

Oh well, since we already said we'd do it, let's ALL do it!

So, evelibadi, let's ALL blog in BM on Merdeka Day! Not because we wanna show we're patriotic, not because we're wanna promote our National Language, but JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT.

Come on, live a little. Lets ALL have fun!

Are you with me? Marilah kita semua berblog dengan Bahasa Malaysia pada Hari Kemerdekaan minggu depan! YAY!

Anyone who want to join can comment here!


PS: I'm thinking of writing it in Ah Beng BM-speak. Wadya think?


So far, we've got the following readers of this blog agreeing to blog in BM on Merdeka Day!

BTW, Vincent is making us a nice banner to show off during this little Kempen... will post it when he gets it done...

And guys, get as many people to join as well! Majulah Blogger untuk Belogsfera!

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- Aria (Savage Quill) - So she can tembak subtitles...
- Balajoe ( BJ Thoughts)
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- Jordan (Macvaysia) - Only if he doesn't get bitten by a poisonous snake
- Julianne (1/2 + 1/2 = 1) - Only if she can get a common computer. Damn local unis...
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