Sunday, 28 August 2005

Narnia Hype! - My first memories of Narnia

I promised that the hype for Narnia started TWO MONTHS ago, so here is my first effort in trying to drum up that hype. :)

My very first memory of Narnia was when I was a wee little kid, when I saw a cartoon of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on TV. I think it was meant to be a holiday special on TV2 (Xmas, I think, probably because someone in RTM thought just because it had snow in the beginning, it HAD to be a Xmas show), and though I don't really remember what it was EXACTLY like, I DO remember lots of it.

I remember being mesmerised by the idea of fauns, centaurs, wolves, witches. I remember the LAMPPOST. I remember the gifts that Susan, Peter and Lucy got, and the way Edmund betrayed his siblings. I remember the Beaver home and Mr Tumnus,

Most of all, I remember ASLAN.

Aslan caught my attention most because he was just so noble, so majestic, and ASO INCREDIBLY COOL.

Anyway, I remember loving the cartoon, the story and the characters so much that I wanted MORE. Then I found out it was a BOOK. And thus began my search for the books.

When I finally found a copy of Prince Caspian, surprisingly at the pathetic excuse of a public library in Temerloh, I was so happy. I read it once. And again. And again. Then when it was time to return it, I returned it, and borrowed it again immedietely because I wanted to read some more. And I kept wanting more of the same. Of course, at the time I didn't know there were SEVEN books in total.

Then when my sister went to UK and came back with the ENTIRE SET of Narnia books.... I was speechless. I jumped for joy. And I had no social life for weeks after that.

So there you have it. What my earliest memories of the Narnia books were. They are a vivid part of my childhood memories, which is probably why I'm dreading the movie, in case they screw it up... :(

But people, DO read the books before the movie comes out. You won't regret it. They're SOOO much better than Hairy Putter, and it's a lot more magical when yo can picture it in your mind, rather than being force fed images of the story based on what a movie director wants you to see...

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