Monday, 15 August 2005

The Searches that Eyeris Reveals

Continuing in the vein of the last post (well, sort of), I decided to Google 'Eyeris' just to see what would come out.

As it turned out, this blog was the SECOND highest item on the list. Damn. And I thought I was damn original in picking this nickname. Here's the LINK.

The top link was an IT company (Eyeris) that had "Intelligent decision support and process control software for marketing, operations,financial applications in a variety of industries."

Makes me sound very intelligent indeed.

The hit AFTER Eye on Everything was in fact, a Christian rock band called Eyeris (, which was pretty damn ironic, since I'm not exactly a very religious person in the first place.

The band are apparently supposed to be 'More Rockin' than a Hostess Blueberry Pie!' (whatever THAT means). I wonder what their music sounds like...

The fourth item on the list was the owner of, which turned out to be Eyeris Inc. - an independent film production company (I think), that does short documentaries.

Cool. The name 'Eyeris' is really starting to make me look good.

Finally, we come to Number five on the list, was inevitably, an optical company - Eyeris New England. Nuff Said.

So that's Google. What about Yahoo then?

Eyeris the Christian Rock Band got the number One spot in Yahoo, while another corporation, EyeProfit ( bumped me out of second place. DAMMIT!

Luckily, yours truly had monopoly on the Third AND Fourth spots on Yahoo's search, with Eye on Everything taking third, and Eye on Sports taking Fourth. Woohoo!

Fifth on Yahoo was the personal homepage of UK Photographer and Graphic Designer Gina Spencer (, with some nice photos too.

So there you have it. The top Five Eyeris Searches on the web according to Google and Yahoo. I wonder how many people looking for decent Christian rock music have Googled 'Eyeris' and ended up reading my stupid guide on How to Identify Snakes instead.

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