Monday, 15 August 2005

The Searches that Reveal Me

I sometimes check the referrels to my blog to see who is visiting and who is linking to my site, and sometimes I get hits from search engines looking for stuff. Here is an example of some of the searches that led these guys to my site in the past two days...

The Innocent Ones
garth nix sabriel screenplay
borders book KL
sabriel summary
book-review "Half-Blood Prince"
Chapter summaries for King of Foxes "King of Foxes"

The Questionable Ones (What did you think this blog is about?)
malaysian nude
seeing man gay
schoolgirl blog
nice cute girls
sexy girls on phone

The Bizarre (I wonder what they were looking for...)
sexy lego movies
lego music men

Oops.(As in, sorry for wasting your time because I'm SURE my posts on the following subjects were NOT what you were looking for...)
How to identify snakes
tie tying

what happens when you take your eye glasses on and off?

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