Thursday, 4 August 2005

So Long, and Thanks for all the Hits!

Foreword: I started the first part of this post WAAAY back in May (ok, so it wasn't THAT way back), before the 1st anniversary of the blog, and er.. never got around to finishing it or publishing it. I've updated it here to reflect certain issues I've been following around the blogosphere lately, and just decided to KPC a bit and drag out this old post of mine...

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the title of the post, I am NOT stopping the blog. The title refers to the LENGTH of this post... hehe.

And YES, it's a RANT.


When I started this blog, I'd initially intended it to be just a little book blog, nothing more. Just a little place for me to write what I want, mostly about books. I got the idea from Daphne and Liz Tai, who have book blogs, and decided to jump on the bandwagon.

I'd actually already registered for this Blogspot account since waaaay back in 2002 (ok, now THAT is way back) when I went to Poland because I wanted somewhere to record my journal.

I registered, got the account, and promptly forgot all about it.

So it was when I decided to start the blog last year, I tried registering under my usual nick, but I couldn't get it because SOMEONE HAD ALREADY USED IT. I was mad. I was furious. who else could have the same nick as mine?

Then I realised it was my own account. Damn. Stupid stupid stupid.

So I typed in my user id, and used the password that I THOUGHT I used (and it was correct), and VOILA! a.k.a. Eye on Everything was born!

On hindsight, I probably should have chosen a 'cooler' title than EoE, but oh well. What the heck. As if MINISHORTS is cool anyway. heh.

Anyway, that was then. I started out with one reader (me, yes, I read my own stuff. HAH!), two readers (me and Erna (who doesn't blog anymore but I wish she did)), three readers (Me, Erna, Daphne), four readers (me, Erna, Daphne and The Visitor), five readers (Me, Erna, Daphne, The Visitor and ireneQ) and eventually, SIX WHOLE READERS (me, Erna, Daphne, The Visitor, ireneQ, and Liz Tai).

It was fun. Even though some of us worked in the same office, we'd be commenting on each others' blogs instead of talking to each other.

Pathetic, I know. We still do that sometimes you know. Only now we use the internal messaging system instead.

Anyway, by and by, I realise that other people were reading my junk. There was Jayeagle (from back in my LOTRien days), then Amelia (I don't know how she found me though), then Strizzt (I think she found me through my fantasy book posts. Or maybe not). Then Julianne turned up. And Graceshu. And iblogme. And Aria. And Lyn (I think it was because of the post where I mentioned learning Spanish).

And then I forgot what happened after that.

Oh yeah, next came the PPS phase. I heard about it from ireneQ, who told me to go ping PPS to get more hits. So I did. And I got MORE hits! Ok, just one more. I think this was when I started Eye on Sports, and Sashi found me through the Liverpool-centric pings. Or was it the other way round? Oh well...

Gah, digressing again. Anyway, I seem to say anyway a lot. But anyway, I then found Minishorts (through someone's links I think), and realised that I KNEW who she was! And from there, found out about a few other friends.

And then I realised that there were more people I didn't know(whom I would LIKE to know) coming to the blog, like Inn, Poptart, Mayakirana, Mystiqangel, Captain Carcinogen (Now THAT'S a cool name, dude. Donno about the white layout though. seems uglier than mine...), Vincent (now THERE'S an ugly looking blog... haha), and a whole lot more.


But anyway (there's that word again), the point of this post is not to brag (BUAHAHA! I GOT PEOPLE READ ME!) but to point out that YAY! Look how far this blog has come since THIS POST! I really donno how many people read this blog now, but thanks for kambing! And to those who have been with the Eye on Everything from the beginning, THANKS! :)


Ok, I think that's the gist of what I wanted to say during the 1st anniversary, which was er... in JUNE BTW.

I dragged up that post because I wanted to plot the trail of this blog. Some posts I read recently got me thinking... Why do I blog? And why do you read what I blog?

My WORK already involves so much writing... why blog samor lar?

Donnoleh. Just for fun I guess. I like the interaction with the readers that I don't usually get thru work. I like making friends. And yes, I like to think that I damn terror-merrer, I write rubbish also people read. No wait, that's my job. Oh well.

Which brings me to another point. There's no point listing out instructions on how to write something 'properly'. There IS no formula. You just write, and read what you write. If you think YOUR OWN writing is crap, it probably is. Simple as that.

But ultimately, the most important thing about being a good writer, is to actually WRITE. Wise man once said - If you want to be a good writer, write. (isk, I'm gonna get hentam for this, I'm sure).

Anyway (I need to find a better word for this one), I am missing the point again.

The thing is, I see so many people blogging for HITS, for ADSENSE, for FAME, to PLEASE PEOPLE, so much that I just don't feel motivated to read PPS anymore. Pings get pushed down so fast that I'm not sure why people still bother writing descriptions of their posts when pinging anymore, because chances are it's gonna be gone in ten minutes anyway.

There's just no more fun in going through PPS anymore, compared to a year ago when there were not so many blogs pinging it, and most of them were original stuff.

I'm not saying I'm damn original lar, of course. Because my posts are mostly rubbish anyway, stuff I toss out in 30 minutes to release stress when I'm sick of writing about waste recycling or Aaron Kwok.

But at least I have fun doing it. It's not about the money (heck, my Google adsense only got me USD1.81 in six months. I'll be rich in 1,345,000 years, I think). It's not about being famous (though it's fun to know people like reading you. We're all narcissistic that way). It's about having fun.

I'm having fun. I'm sure many will also have great fun spending the money they get from their adsense-filled blogs as well. But PLEASE don't take the fun out of blogging by attacking one another, ok? Don't troll, don't flame, don't attack. And bloody hell, don't go and hack other people's blog!

Peace, man! Violence is BAD. DRUGS are BAD. MMMMkayy?


BTW, please answer me this.... Why DO you come to this blog?

(yes, indulge poor narcissistic me please. I'm a bit stressed this week... :P )

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