Monday, 26 September 2005

A Fan Club for an Angel on Fire? Sign ME up!

Don't know why there is a sudden rush of posts about this mysterious Fireangel? Well, me neither.

So why am I posting this? Well, because if there is ever a bandwagon worth jumping aboard, it's a bandwagon that involves a (VERY) cute chick! :)

So head on over the the Official Fireangel Fan Club site HERE, and declare your undying devotion to this cili padi of a girl, and or head over the KY's pimp blog HERE to learn more about her!

Update (12:00pm)

Apparently, the reason why there are so many posts on FA is because it's FA DAY today! Woot woot! Imaginary Absolut Ribenas all round! And make sure there's more vodka than Ribena this time!

Check out YeePei's post HERE for more posts on FA Day!

And remember, it's always a worthy cause if there's a cute chick involved! :-)

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