Thursday, 29 September 2005

An Interview with a Decent Interviewee

I love it when interviews go well.

Yesterday I had a pretty good one, interviewing this new singer from Taiwan. She was smart, articulate, and she talked a lot. Meaning she gave us a lot to write about lar.

A lot of times, I have to interview the Chinese stars in Chinese, but this time, she spoke pretty good English, so the interview was significantly easy to conduct.

Maybe it was because she's still new to the industry and is still 'fresh' when it comes to dealing with press. Some seasoned celebrities tend to answer even the wierdest questions (When do you trim you nose hair?) with the most PR of answers (Oh, I do it if the script calls for it).

In fact, a lot of the big names tend to be so professional that they can quote from the movie production notes word for word. That can be damn frustrating. What I want most out of an interview is something INTERESTING,GODAMMIT, something that can't be lifted from a press release or a website.

If everyone kept saying the same quotes over and over again ('Oh, I came into this film because I liked the director'; 'Oh, I read the script and thought it was interesting'; 'Oh, I thought this would be a good challenge to me'... BLEH), then all of us might as well just forego the damn interview, and then cut and paste the quotes from all the older interviews lar. But then, where's the fun in THAT?

Back to yesterday's interviewee. She was bubbly, talkative, and she gave us a lot of nice anecdotes and short little stories about her life to make a nice feature.

Of course, it helped that she was quite cute too. :-)

Most of the time, entertainment stories I do can be a bit generic (same questions, same answers), but at least this time the girl gave me enough fodder for a decently er.. decent story. Enough that I managed to almost finish it on the day I did the interview, which is prety rare. :-) (SHHHH!)

Maybe in a later post I'll write about just whom I've interviewed before, and who I liked the most. For now, I've got to prepare for ANOTHER interview in two hours time....

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