Monday, 19 September 2005

The London Diaries: Five Notes To Self

1) If it looks like it's gonna rain in London, bring an umbrella. Don't be an idiot and think, 'Nah, the weather report said it wouldn't rain'.

2) Don't ever try walking from St. Paul's Cathedral to the British Museum again. It's F-A-R.

3) Two words : Lip Balm(Cracked lips! OW! OW! OW!)

4) Always bring an iPod when staying in a hostel dormitory. It comes in handy when one of the guests in your room happens to snore louder than than the sound of tube trains.

5) Don't ever agree to go for a press conference TWO HOURS after you're scheduled to land after a thirteen hour flight. *YAWN*

I wanna go home... More later.

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