Saturday, 17 September 2005

The London Diaries: Four Hours of Getting Lost

At the time of writing, it's 8:31pm, and I have only 20 minutes 23 seconds left to write this post. Oops, make that 20 minutes 15 seconds now. Oops, 19 minutes 5 seconds. GAH!

Anyway, I won't waste too much time rambling here now. Here are some of the things I did and saw today (I was online this morning at the hotel, now I'm in a hostel on a 7p a minute Internet connection...):
  • I met Lyn (that's three posts in a row now, Lyn!) at the hostel today, and we went to the Arsenal FC stadium, Highbury, where I took some pictures, bought some souvenirs for my brother, and checked out the new Emirates Stadium also.
  • Then, we went back and went walking over to Tottenham Court Road where she ditched me to go sell a TV (don't ask).
  • I then went searching for Forbiden Planet, the 'Cult Entertianment Megastore!' but managed to go round in circles once, ending up in Covent Garden once, and finally stumbling upon it after an hour of getting lost.
  • Once there, where I spent almost two hours poring over all the toys I'd seen on the web but never seen personally. Too expensive to buy though.
  • I then went out to look for another toy store Vincent had told me about, but got lost again and ended up at Covent Garden MArket.
  • There, I spent some time staring at buskers, bought CDs for a friend, and decided it was too damn cold to walk around, and went into the Tube.
  • I then took the tube to Westminster, where I saw:
  • The River Thames!
  • The London Eye! (it IS a real eye-sore)
  • Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament (Up close, this is really awesome. I took so many picutres of it that I feel really sheepish now)
  • Westminster Abbey! (I didn't go in because it was closed, but I tok pictures outside. Oh well, at least I can tell people I've been there oledi)
  • After that, it was getting late, and I was cold, so I decided to screw it all for a lark, go back to the hostel, makan, took a bath, and here I am on the computer typing as fast as humanly possible.

So that's day three of my London trip. It's just a rundown of what I did. More thoughts and opinions on the place next time.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the British Museum!

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